Why is it dangerous to give the kids cereal for Breakfast

Dietitian Elena Solomatina has urged parents not to feed babies cereal every day for Breakfast. According to the specialist, such feeding can lead to diabetes and obesity.

Почему опасно давать детям хлопья на завтрак

Dietitian Elena Solomatina said that the high carbohydrate content of these breakfasts and makes them unsuitable for baby food.

“Sometimes you can give for Breakfast this dish, if you are in a hurry and did not have time to prepare something. But to feed them every day. It is much better to cook normal porridge”, said the expert.

Solomatina said that eaten at Breakfast balls or flakes will lead to a sharp increase in the level of glucose in the blood, which then quickly will fall, calling the child a surge of appetite. He again want to eat something carbohydrate to glucose increased – in this case the child will also feel irritability, fatigue.

“If you constantly ride on a swing “glucose up-down”, it will lead to insulinoresistence and prediabetics condition, and then to diabetes,” — said the doctor.

Also, Solomatina, passion flakes, balls and other types of snacks can lead to obesity, if he does not spend received with this product energy.