Why is it helpful to drink garlic milk

Drinking garlic milk is recommended in folk medicine. In the absence of contraindications, this drink can be a great assistant in the fight against various diseases.

Почему полезно пить чесночное молоко

Garlic in combination with milk has a range of useful qualities, without having the specific garlic odor. In particular, its use helps to lower “bad” cholesterol, thereby improving the activity of the cardiovascular system, according to the portal “Rambler/doctor.”

In addition, the use of such milk helps to cleanse the liver, improves its filtering ability. This effect is provided by sulfur, a part of the composition of the garlic.

Arthritis consumption of this drink helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

In combination with turmeric garlic works as a good remedy for persistent cough. For its treatment in garlic milk, add a pinch of turmeric

Garlic has the ability to stimulate the secretion of digestive juices, to influence the intestines, and to exercise a calming effect in various forms of diarrhoea. Garlic milk is suitable for treating all types of digestive disorders and anti-inflammation of the stomach and intestines.

Drink the warm garlic milk improves emotional state, helps to cope with insomnia. Finally, garlic is an effective immune booster, has antiseptic properties. It has a beneficial effect on the lymph, promoting the removal of toxic waste from the body.

Most often for the preparation of this drink is recommended to mix 500 ml milk with a glass of water, to bring the composition to a boil and add about 10 cloves of crushed garlic and two teaspoons of sugar, let cook, until the garlic has softened, and remove from heat. Drink warm or pleasantly warm.