Why is the US life expectancy is falling, despite an increase all over the world

As negative factors scientists call the increase in mortality among young people, it be suicide, drug addiction, alcoholism and obesity, says the “Voice of America”.

Почему в США снижается продолжительность жизни, несмотря на ее увеличение во всем мире

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In the late 90’s of the twentieth century figures of life expectancy in the United States for the first time was below the level of other leading Western powers. Since this gap is only increasing, says the report, published in the journal of the American medical Association. The study of the problem showed that the new dangerous trend knows no racial, ethnic, and sexual borders. It was particularly disturbing that the lion’s share of these tragedies occur in people of young age. There is also the problem of social inequality. Those who are not optimistic about their future, much easier to be on a path of physical self-destruction.

The risk of dying from a drug overdose over the past 20 years have jumped by about 350% for men and almost 500% among women. Poisoning with different drugs is a leading cause of mortality in the age group from 25 to 45 years.

There is a whole combination of things that affect it. Acquired illness, suicide, drug overdose, opioids, alcohol. All the factors that lead to what some call death from despair. The question here is not only physical but also emotional and spiritual health of citizens.

There are other social aspects: stratification, lack of good housing, instability in employment. Such problems are beyond the competence of medical offices. They should deal with society as a whole.

Another factor is that the killer is obesity. According to the national center of statistics in the health sector, 40% of Americans can be put in the category of thick. Those who in the childhood suffered from excess weight in adulthood acquire the disease which is often fatal.

Obesity is one of the main culprits, and its effects were predicted many years ago. Now there has been a dramatic increase in obesity among children. Those who were kids in the 80-90 and then scored the extra weight, now rose and fell in the risk group with higher mortality. This is due to the fact that in many parts of the world there is a change of lifestyle. Because of the abundance of electronics people doing less physical exercise, less moving.

Scientists warn that people’s health does not begin and end in the doctor’s office. Health depends on where and how people live, work, learn and spend leisure time. This means that to strengthen their health it is necessary to attract private firms and public organizations that would work together with physicians and government representatives.

Is there any chance to handle this crisis? There is always a chance. Experts predict that the obesity epidemic in the end will stop, and maybe even relatively soon. But it will be an improvement from what is not that. If doctors and scientists to convince a whole generation to care more about your health? Probably, Yes.

But while the experts do not see that people in the US moving to a healthy lifestyle. The life expectancy of most other Nations of the world increases. But we need a consistent approach to determine whether the government’s policies in health care, and social services from state to state affects the problem. Based on the need to develop potential solutions to the problem. But it will not be easy and will require significant collective effort.