Why is the US the movie tickets do not indicate the place

You like to go to the cinema? It is clear that today you can almost see everything through the Internet, but in theaters the special atmosphere and of course the very unique taste of popcorn, which the house did not make, writes in his blog Sergei Kurylenko, who moved to the United States.

Почему в США на билетах в кино не указывают место

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In American cinema there are several interesting features that distinguish them from Russian.


In the era of the Internet, many bought tickets online, but there are those who buys them on the spot. In large theaters instead of desks there are special terminals, where a person chooses a movie and pay the ticket.

In small can be only 1 cashier and there’s not even show what seats are free. Moreover, even on the ticket does not name the place. Then where to sit you ask?

Everything is very simple: time is not specified, and you can sit down on any available. This system is used on almost all screens with a few exceptions.

Why are they doing this?

Perhaps because so much Americans love and value freedom.

Another reason people goes to the movies not so much, and in large theaters, where it can be from 15 halls, places with enough margin. Cinemas in the US just don’t enjoy the popularity that was previously or is now in Russia.

Although of course there are some films that people are rushing, but this is far from every day.

By the way, if you remember our cash in the cinema where on the display you show the free space, we can see that the extreme side positions in the tail are the least in demand and are buying their last and that if there is no other choice.

Here the situation turns out that room is Packed up and the place stay empty, and this is a loss.

If people do not know what places are busy and which are free, then they have the incentive to arrive early. So going the whole queue of those wishing to get the best seats, but they will get not all.

It is a kind of lottery where all the tickets sold, the cinema has remained in positive territory, and someone from the audience got the most unpopular place on the edge.




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