Why is there pain in the eyes

Eye pain occurs, and usually there are other symptoms such as redness, tears, problems with vision, sensitivity to light. Experts share five types of pain that can occur in the eyes.

Почему возникает боль в глазах

Pain with eye movements. Such pain is caused by tension of the inflamed structures, such as muscle sheaths of the ocular muscles, or inflammation of the nerve sheaths of the optic nerve. The pain felt when moving the eyes — a characteristic phenomenon in the flu or retrobulbar neuritis (inflammation of optic nerve).

Contact eye pain.
Pain of this type occurs, if you touch the gas. This phenomenon can be observed in the inflammation of the periosteum of the bone of the eye socket or ligaments of the eye, e.g., inflammation of the dermis of the eye (scleritis, episcleritis), lacrimal gland (dacryoadenitis) or age (barley).

Pain in the eye socket (orbital pain). It expresses itself as constant pain, sitting deep behind the eyes. The pain can cause inflammatory diseases of the eye, bleeding behind the eyeball and cancer of the lacrimal gland.

Pain in the eyeball. Is the most common form of pain in the eyes. Triggers such pain are different reasons why in their series:

The pain of another origin that spread to the eye socket. Pain of this type is associated with migraines, trigeminal neuralgia.

Treatment of eye pain depends mainly on its underlying cause. Eyestrain often can be improved by choosing suitable glasses or contact lenses. Foreign body in the eyes is removed, chemicals as possible, thoroughly washed. Complaints of dry eyes can often be alleviated by using artificial tears. Inflammation due to infection is treated with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and decongestant in the form of ointments, eye drops or tablets. Glaucoma (cataract) intraocular pressure is lowered with medication. In some diseases, for example, in the tumor, the inevitable surgery.