Why Los Angeles attracts homeless people: how they live there

Los Angeles really attracts the homeless from all over America. Here they feel at ease: the mild Maritime climate, the almost complete absence of frost, and highly tolerant society. What else should a free man without a roof over your head? On their observations, says the author of the channel “My country house” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Почему Лос-Анджелес привлекает бездомных: как они там живут

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In America homeless people called homeless, i.e. homeless. This is not a valid name because really do not have a corner vagabonds not so many. Rarely I see any beggar, wrapped in a blanket and sleeping peacefully on the sidewalk of a busy Avenue. Most homeless people seek to acquire some belongings, find a quiet place and to settle there.

A favorite place for the homeless — the city’s parks, niche buildings, green roadsides and highways.

Those that are “poorer”, carry his possessions in the truck, sleeping under the open sky. More “wealthy” — put up tents or build shelters from waterproof materials like canvas.

Sometimes you can find small settlements, where a number of are a few tents or makeshift “houses”-cover.

In General, American homeless people differ to some extreme thriftiness. Perhaps this is due to the fact that many of them women. And the woman is so constituted that to her for a full life needs a focus. They have obviously collected all the necessary things.

Tents and shelter to protect from hot summer sun and chilly wind in winter. Some even manage to raise children in such conditions. Well, raise the children, nomads in yurts and nothing!

Money in the lives of homeless people often earn by collecting bottles and begging for alms on the street or at intersections near the highway. Many churches distribute free food and clothing.

This is especially practiced in the business center of the city, so the homeless there is an incredible number.

In General, such is the way of life of the tramp is more a conscious choice than a necessity. The government is not profitable, when people living on the streets spoil the appearance. There are many assistance programs from shelters and free meals to assistance with applying for a job and buying a home. Someone uses it, someone not.

Well, when a person has family, relatives, because they do not allow a person to slide down. A lonely man is much easier to break away from society. What do you think?

The original column published in the blog “My vacation home” on “Yandex.Zen”.

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