Why meat and fish is better to buy frozen?

According to the researchers, only freeze and good heat treatment completely destroys dangerous bacteria.

Почему мясо и рыбу лучше покупать замороженными?

Spanish nutritionists told how to best protect themselves from bacteria that can be in food and threatened by dangerous diseases. First of all, any meat shall be subjected to a heat treatment, it is advisable to fish. With the exception of meals, which implies a different way of cooking. For example, salted fish safe, as salt is an excellent “antibiotic” and kills bacteria.

Specialists recommend to buy meat, seafood, and fish in frozen form, but at home they too should throw in the freezer for about two days – this will allow to destroy bacteria. To defrost meat, chicken and fish preferably in the refrigerator. Of course, it’s quite long, but the bacteria will multiply much slower.

Buy chilled meat is safe only if you are sure of its quality. If the seller is unable to provide documents to the meat, buying it is not worth it.

Nutritionists also told how most effective to get rid of bacteria on the green and leafy vegetables. To do this, leave them in water for about 10 minutes, and then drain the water and repeat the procedure. After leafy vegetables and herbs need to be rinsed in running water.