Why not all Ukrainians have indexed pensions

Deputy head of the main Department of the Pension Fund Elena Boyko said that in may, the pensions were not indexed two categories of pensioners.

Почему не всем украинцам проиндексировали пенсии

As the Wave passes, she said this on air “Suspilno”.

According to Boyko, the recalculation of individual, in Kiev it is about 320 USD. Increase after the recalculation can not be less than 100 UAH.

She also stressed that the indexation of pensions depend on wages, and the factor of seniority.

“The increase in 11% is subject only to the basic pension, because the pension includes additional payments. Was not increased pensions to pensioners whose average constant higher than that provided by the governmental resolution. If until now such a figure was 4404 hryvnia, increasing it by 11%, the average was up 4778 UAH”, – said Boyko.

Thus, according to her, those pensioners who on retirement came out last year, the figure is higher, and in such cases the recalculation is not performed.

In addition, allocation was also not made to pensioners who received a pension under special laws, however, citizens is currently an estimation of the size of pensions, assigned in accordance with the law “On compulsory state pension insurance”.

Boyko also said that retired prior to may 25 will receive an increased pension amount. In addition, the indexing occurs only once per year and up to the end of 2020 indexation, more are planned.