Why not take a shower every day: experts surprised by the response

We all love to sometimes stand under a hot shower and think about life.

Почему нельзя принимать душ каждый день: специалисты удивили ответом

However, scientists from the University of Utah in the United States recommend to be moderate in hygiene as a daily shower weakens the immune system. About it writes “Telegraph”.

Excessive cleaning of the body is recognized as destructive to the microbiome – the clusters of living on the surface of the skin microorganisms that form a kind of ecosystem, strengthen immune system and prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

A perfect example is the microbiome of people from the tribe Yanomamo that lives in the jungles of South America.

Due to the fact that they do not have to especially adhere to hygiene, they have a much higher concentration of beneficial microorganisms on the surface of the body than most people. But experts do not call to completely abandon the soul. They just recommend not to abuse hygienic habits.