Why quinoa is the healthiest food in the world

Many experts believe bread grain quinoa one of the most useful and healthy. It contains our body needs proteins and no gluten, which makes it valuable for victims of celiac disease.

Почему киноа — самая здоровая пища в мире

No gluten. Celiac disease is a disorder characterized by immunity to the protein gluten, contained in most cereals. Many people do not know about the presence of the disorder and suffer after ingestion of certain cereals. If they learn about the cause of their problems, then they have to limit themselves in food products made from cereals. That’s why quinoa seeds are very healthy and tasty alternatives.

A lot of protein. If you are looking for a way to increase the protein content in the diet, then pay attention to the movies. One serving of this product contains all the daily required dose of proteins. Moreover, the protein in quinoa is considered complete or perfect, because it contains all the amino acids. The proteins in quinoa is better than in any other cereal.

The important minerals. These seeds are a rich source of minerals like iron, magnesium, zinc and potassium. Soak quinoa seeds in water, let them sprout in order to get maximum minerals.

No sugar. After eating foods made with this culture in your blood will not be celebrated sugar levels stable. Therefore, quinoa is an excellent choice for victims of diabetes and for those diagnosed with prediabetes. In addition, it is also an excellent diet food.

A quick metabolism. Due to its nutrients quinoa is considered the perfect product to speed up metabolism. Studies show that quinoa reduces the level of sugar in the blood, indicators of insulin and triglycerides.