Why replacement mouthpiece for the hookah does not protect against TB and hepatitis

Psychiatrist Oleg Kutushev said that when Smoking a hookah for 45 minutes to consume far more carbon monoxide than a pack of cigarettes, and nicotine the same as in cigarettes.

Почему сменный мундштук для кальяна не защищает от туберкулёза и гепатита

According to him, studies confirm have Shisha smokers increase heart rate and blood pressure, other adverse cardiovascular effects, increasing the occurrence of pneumonia, fainting and acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hookah Smoking is associated with the development of different types of cancer — lung cancer, oral cavity, esophagus, and urinary bladder.

Replacement mouthpiece for the hookah will help to avoid infections, as many expect.

— The probability of infectious diseases: hepatitis, tuberculosis, herpes. The transmitter in this case may not be someone familiar to the company and the person who smoked this hookah is up to you. Transmission of bacteria is not from the nozzle, which is in decent schools give to each guest, and out of the tube, said the medic.

To disinfect the components of the hookah in a cafe is difficult enough, so that person can catch a dangerous disease and not even know what the reason was it was a hookah.