Why Robert Pattinson doesn’t use social media

British actor Robert Pattinson, who was suspected of relations with the ex-girlfriend of Bradley Cooper, said, why not use social media. The actor is no page in Instagram and I’m sure there’s reasons.

Почему Роберт Паттинсон не пользуется соцсетями

In an interview with the New York Times on the issue of social networks, the actor just laughed it off:

I’m old and boring, and I get only two weeks a year.

Note that Pattinson is already in good shape, and for the role of Batman he will play in the restart of all the movies about superheroes, he obviously will have to sweat in the gym. Experts are predicting him second wave superpopulyarnymi, however, Robert is confident that fans of Batman will be much more restrained than fans of Edward Cullen.

Recall that the premiere of “Batman” is scheduled for June 24, 2021. In the superhero blockbuster Matt Reeves Robert Pattinson will perform a major role.