Why Russia is a third world country: the American said, after several visits to Russia

Why American thinks Russia is a third world country, said the author of the blog “Girl world” on “Yandex.Zen”.

Почему Россия - страна третьего мира: мнение американца после нескольких посещений РФ

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Hereinafter in the first person.

For two years I live in China and study at the University. There I got acquainted with my foreign friends, which every day becomes more and more.

One of these foreigners was Richard. In conversation he told me that in his youth he lived in Russia. And now just likes to travel. He was in eighteen cities of Russia, including lake Baikal and in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

He loves Russia. But as other countries consider it one of the most backward in the world. In his opinion, then what is now — nothing has changed.

Richard still does not understand why in Russia such expensive tickets and not developed for tourists places. Because helicopter flight over Sakhalin will cost 500 000 rubles ($7 000).

About transport system he didn’t even want to talk. Such a terrible and crumbling buses he had not seen in any country in the world.

Facilities in Russia, there is absolutely no. The subway is easy to fall under a train, the police are all evil and unfriendly. As he turned to them for help, and they even to listen did not want.

There is no uniform system of payment for purchases, such as, for example, WeChat in China. The alien one is very difficult at first to order from one place, to take from another, and call the third. Therefore, in Russia you have to do a million and one effect only after you will achieve what you want. What can I say… All know how many nerves we are public services.

Richard, every time coming back to Russia, waiting for some changes. But in any city except Moscow, nothing has changed.

When I asked, on a par with any country development, in his opinion, is Russia, it is expected, of course, to hear about China, Korea or Japan. But heard in response, Indonesia. It’s a shame, what can I say.




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