Why the laptop should always be removed from bags when checking in the airport

Passing security at the airport is rarely a peaceful process. The line moves slowly, everyone is nervous, and the requirement to get the laptop from a crowded carry-on baggage, just exasperated. Publishing Reader’s Digest explained why it is so important to get a laptop and have to put it in a separate bin.

Почему ноутбук нужно всегда вынимать из сумки при проверке в аэропорту

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Despite the fact that it seems annoying, there’s a very good reason why you need to put the laptop in the cart when passing airport security. This should ensure the safety of all people in the airport.

“The laptop is sufficiently dense to x-rays couldn’t see through it. Thus, it can be used to conceal other items that are prohibited,” says Brett Manders, the pilot of the international airlines and author of the book “Behind the door of the flight deck — the insider answers on everything you ever wanted to ask the pilot.”

The laptop and other heavy or dense electronic devices can be used to conceal bombs, weapons, drugs, or even animals. “If you take a laptop, it can be well rassmotret, says Manders. Is a little unnecessary? Maybe, but security checks are designed to ensure our security.”

When the laptop passes through the scanners, the airport staff can see whether it contains something it should not. If your laptop has passed through the scanners in the bag, the scanner may not detect a hidden threat inside or underneath the electronic device.

Electronics first became a threat to the security of the airport when the attack on the plane amongo of Pan 103 in 1988 killed 270 people. In flight, a bomb exploded, hidden in the audio player. After this incident, have been taken various precautionary measures to check the electronics, which traveled people, but after happened of the September 11 attacks, all US airports has become commonplace to take your laptop out of the bag for security.

Manders said that the rules often change depending on the country and airport. In some airports you even need to take out the iPad and tablets from bags, although they are not as dense as laptops. He also notes that this rule or precaution is unlikely to change in the near future.

In 2017, there was even a time when the Department of transportation of the United States was planning to ban to carry laptops as hand Luggage.



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