Why those who buys the first house in the United States needed a realtor

The acquisition of real estate in California is the dream of many immigrants. Meanwhile, have your own cozy corner surrounded by beautiful scenery, is a more realistic goal than it might seem at first glance, and the acquisition of your home can often be more profitable than rental housing.

Почему тем, кто впервые покупает дом в США, необходим риелтор

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However, experts in real estate transactions stress: to buy a house under the most favorable conditions, you should use the help of an experienced realtor. It is not only profitable, but also does not require from the buyer any costs. The fact is that under us law the work realtors pay the fee with a home sale paid by the seller. Thus, the buyer generally does not pay for the services of a realtor representing their interests.

Thermite secret

The family of emigrants from Russia has long dreamed of his own house in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a realtor they invited Lily Garipova, with experience in real estate for over 14 years and working both with Russian and with English-speaking clients. Lily could not only find a suitable house, but also helped with all supporting documentation, including inspection of condition of housing. As a result, the experts have identified small cracks in the Foundation. Deciding to help buyers to identify all nuances and possible costs, Lilia called the company, implementation of the inspection to find out how much can cost the elimination of cracks. Suddenly during the conversation the representative of the inspection organization mentioned earlier that the owner of this house ordered them a service to check for termites.

“By law, if such inspection was conducted, the seller must provide the buyer with information about it. However, no one even mentioned this fact in itself is a violation of the law. Learning about inspection, I demanded to immediately send her the report. Of course, the representative of the seller immediately provided it to us, as knew – in case of refusal he faces trial. The fact of the presence of termites has allowed us to reduce the cost of the house. We also entered into a supplemental agreement conferring on the seller the obligation to perform all necessary work for the removal of termites. As a result, these works were carried out by the purchaser, but the seller fully reimbursed us for all costs required to repair,” says Lily.

Почему тем, кто впервые покупает дом в США, необходим риелтор

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According to her, the seller or his agent does not understand the information they must provide by law, but may distort or gloss over less important facts, for example, the number of buyers in the house.

“For example, the seller wants to sell the property at an inflated price and says that he already has five buyers applying for home. But then it turns out that my client was the only buyer, and the reason for the overstatement of the value of the home there,” says Liliya Garipova.

Legal details

Revealing truthful information affecting the price reduction, and the ability to negotiate on the most favorable terms for the client – this is just one of the reasons why buying a house is always better to seek the assistance of a realtor.

“First, we helps to find the object most suitable to the client’s wishes. Second, the greatest difficulties faced by buyers is the abundance of legal documents. Contracts, reports of inspections and other documents written in specific language, with many technical terms. People with no experience in this area, just don’t know what nuances to pay attention to and what they mean in practice. I always explain to people the content of the texts, if needed, draw their attention to some disturbing highlights from the report of inspection, explain what additional costs this may entail. U.S. realtors are not always agree to interact with third parties, and therefore not always able to effectively resolve the difficulties,” explains Lily.

Not less than with a realtor, buyers need the services of a broker on loan and mortgage (loan broker). It helps to find the most favorable interest rates on mortgages to choose the right Bank, in collaboration with several banks at the same time. For example, the partner of Lily Garipova, loan broker Steve Flowers, interacts with more than 50 banks and versed in the many rules and regulations in force in each of them.

“Now people are quite often looking for favorable mortgage terms through the Internet. However, these figures may significantly differ from the real interest. The fact that the amounts online often calculated without regard to any substantive conditions which then occur in practice. It can also happen that the buyer may face a situation when it is not appropriate for a specific program that you chose on the website. In addition, customers often do not know how to compose documents for a loan, and what points it is advisable or desirable to reflect the” – shares the secrets Steve. By the way, the services of a mortgage broker is also absolutely free for the buyer.

Почему тем, кто впервые покупает дом в США, необходим риелтор

Photo from the personal archive of Lily Garipova and Steve Tsvetkova

Pitfalls of construction

Also realtors hold a marketing analysis of the cost of housing and can tell the customer what price is best offer when negotiations. If you are planning to buy a house at the stage of its construction, you need a realtor. Not being an expert in construction, you will not be able to assess the validity of the conditions imposed you with the construction firm and its agent. However, if you come to negotiations without a realtor, your interest begins to introduce the agent of a construction company, and to change it you can not. It is clear that the interests of his company will be for such a person is more primary than yours. That is why it is important to immediately come with their realtor, who will not allow builders to dictate unfavorable terms.

“Once my clients insisted to buy a house from a particular Builder because they wanted to have a bath on the first floor – exactly as proposed by the construction company. They signed the papers under a specific plan, but then when we came to see the work done, it turned out that in place of the bath is a closet. Since the conclusion of the contract it has been over 30 days, my clients had to pay a Deposit of $15 thousand, and get out of this deal was very difficult. The builders simply ignored the emails of my clients and my calls. Then I had to contact a lawyer of our company, he was a competent letter and sent it to the senior management of construction firms. After that, they allow my clients to cancel the deal and get the Deposit without any cost to them”, – cites the example of the Lily.

This is not the only case in the practice of Lily Garipova, when a professional realtor assisting clients to withdraw from the deal without trial and return the Deposit.

Почему тем, кто впервые покупает дом в США, необходим риелтор

Photo from the personal archive of Lily Garipova and Steve Tsvetkova


Another factor that sometimes arises between a buyer and its future housing can be a management company in cases, when it comes to buying an apartment or home in a condominium. In particular, if utilities (HOA) increases sharply, this may encourage the owners to sell even fully satisfied with their housing. Liliya Garipova explains: absolutely predict the behavior of the management company cannot, however, there are factors that will help to calculate risks.

“I’m checking to see whether the company has a reserve and whether there are any ongoing trials. In the case of such processes it is possible that the company will cover the legal costs through higher utility payments. Conversely, if the company has accumulated a large reserve, this means that they do not need to raise the HOA to fix the problems – for example, to fix the roof. If reserve is zero, and the buildings are in disrepair, increasing payments in the coming years is highly likely,” explains Lily.

These are just a few examples of why when you first purchase a home simply needs an experienced realtor and loan broker. Steve and Lily assure that with their experience and knowledge of the market dream about your own house in the San Francisco Bay Area may well become a reality.

To meet with Russian team of realtors in San Francisco in a relaxed atmosphere over a glass of wine and ask all the questions you can be the master class, which will be held on October 12.

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