Why to spend holidays on the couch is dangerous for life?

As scientists have found that a sharp decline in physical activity in just two weeks causes negative health effects.

Почему проводить отпуск на диване опасно для жизни?

During the Congress of the European Association for the study of diabetes by scientists from Newcastle University told why it is not necessary to spend vacation in bed. A sharp decline in habitual physical activity level in just two weeks leads to a deterioration of basic health indicators and increase in waist size.

Experts told about the experiment, which was attended by 28 volunteers, whose average age was 32 years. They were all healthy, had a body mass index within the normal range and usually showed “average” physical activity. That is, they took place in the day of about ten thousand steps and doing sports 1-2 hours per week.

The volunteers were asked to drastically reduce their physical activity. For two weeks they did just about 1.5 thousand steps a day. After the participants underwent various tests.

For two weeks the subjects increased waist size – an average of 0.8 cm. They have a 0.5% increase in the amount of adipose tissue, and increased level of triglycerides in the blood and increased insulin resistance. In addition, the volunteers were 4% worse to cope with physical exertion. That is, they have increased risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and, hence, the risk of premature death.

When the volunteers returned to their normal life in a few weeks all of their figures back to the original state.