Why Ukraine is a “place of power” of Europe

The Chairman of Fund of state property (FGI) Dmitry Sennichenko within the past in Kiev the forum Ukraine Level Up explained UBR.ua why the report of the Ukrainian delegation at the Davos forum about the privatization plans for the year 2020 was called “Ukraine – place of power of Europe.”

Почему Украина – «место силы» Европы

According to him, Ukraine is rich in natural resources and has an excellent education system, which makes it quite competitive.

When I was preparing to Davos, I thought, what is unique we have. Then, you know, it came somehow from the inside. Because Ukraine is really a place of power in Europe. We’re really educated, we are really reasonable, we in many things United, we have natural resources. We just need to tackle corruption and open up to the world, not to pretend that we’ve got our own cabal, “–said the head of Department.