Why Ukrainian workers are not allowed to travel abroad

Ukraine security reasons and the health of their populations has temporarily suspended the sending of workers abroad.

Почему украинских работников не выпускают за границу

This was stated by the foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba online briefing on Tuesday, reports “Hvil”.

According to the head of the foreign Ministry, Ukraine receives requests for seasonal workers, but felt it was illogical to allow exit in a situation of a pandemic coronavirus.

“In terms of the spread of the pandemic any trip is the exposure to risk of infection, especially when the journey is done by plane,” — said Dmitry Kuleba.

The Minister of foreign Affairs focuses on the fact that all the efforts of the government focused on returning home of Ukrainian citizens who are currently abroad.

“Therefore, on this background looks illogical while simultaneously organizing Charter for the export of Ukrainians in countries where the epidemic also continues with varying degrees of intensity,” said Dmitry Kuleba.

Foreign Minister assured that Ukraine will revise the restriction on travel abroad of its employees after the situation with the pandemic coronavirus will change for the better.