Why we Wake up at night? 5 common reasons

Sleep is essential to recovery. Lack of sleep can lead to large health problems and deterioration of cognitive functions.

Почему мы просыпаемся ночью? 5 распространенных причин


Sleep apnea is a common cause of wakefulness in the night. This causes shallow breathing, which can lead to the fact that the person wakes up several times a night. In many cases he was not even aware that his sleep is being interrupted.

Depression and anxiety disorders

Anxiety and depression can cause insomnia. The reverse is also true: insomnia can cause an unhealthy mental state.
And anxiety, and depression interfere with a person to calm the mind, stop your thought processes. This can make it difficult to fall asleep and sleep.

The need for urination

The desire to urinate may Wake the person at night. Although some people can prevent this feeling, reducing fluid intake at night, others have this problem because of the General condition. For example, disease of the bladder or pregnancy.


People sleep best when the room’s cool temperature. From time to time the human body temperature can rise too much, especially at night. This is compounded by the fact that in the bedroom hot. Other for the same reason, unable to Wake up from a night sweat.

TV, tablet, smartphone

According to the sleep Foundation USA, a long work at the computer, watching TV, checking your smartphone before bed can cause reduced levels of melatonin and disruption of the body. This makes it difficult to sleep and can cause a person to Wake up in the middle of the night.

In addition, there is a hum coming from the TV, mobile phone or other electronic device, can cause awakening.