Why you need fat on your body? 6 amazing facts

Many of us are trying to get rid of body fat. Supposedly without it will be prettier and healthier. But is it really? Anyway why you need fat on your body? Reveal 7 amazing facts that you probably never heard of.

Зачем нужен жир на теле? 6 удивительных фактов

Fact # 1: fat is needed in the body

It is unlikely that the nature made a mistake when he created fat in the human body. All human beings are born with a huge supply of fat cells — adipocytes. Life the body ensures that they do not become too small. Certainly, many people know that when a patient is liposuction, the fat cells are formed almost at once, but in a different place. Because the fat is needed for the body and that’s it. Another question — in what quantity.

Fact # 2: fat is the energy reserve

In humans with a normal body type there is always 10 to 15 kilograms of adipose tissue. This is enough to live about two months, eating not so much food. Starvation will not help to get rid of fat on the body. On the contrary. When the body uses fat cells do not disappear but are reduced in size. When fasting or dieting is over, they’ll fill up again, storing up energy for a rainy day.

Fact # 3: fat makes the cold

You may have noticed that the inhabitants of Northern regions is much denser than the inhabitants of hot countries. The thing is that the layer of subcutaneous fat is greater. This allows you to protect yourself from hypothermia, temperature changes, cold.

Fact # 4: fat is part of the endocrine system

As for the female body, it fat performs the function of estrogen. When a woman loses a lot of fat, then this can affect the menstrual cycle, reproductive capacity. After all, fat synthesizes a substance called leptin. He is responsible for the maintenance of reproductive function during puberty in adolescents. Also, the stored fat fat soluble vitamins, needed for health and beauty.

Fact # 5: fat retains water

Supply of water the person is stored in fat deposits. A sharp decrease in its quantity leads to aging of skin, aging, dryness, wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Fact # 6: fat — source of stem cells

Fat cells can transform into induced stem cells. Scientists have found that fat make it much easier and more efficient. So pumped the fat cells during liposuction can be a so-called bold gold. But it’s certainly not worth it to accumulate body fat.