Why you should always have on Board tennis ball

This at first sight strange object for your hand Luggage actually has a huge advantage — and may even save your life, says Reader’s Digest.

Почему стоит всегда брать на борт самолета теннисный мяч

Photo: Depositphotos

Let’s be honest: these days, the aircraft can barely hold your own feet. Given the limited space that comes with the seat the economy class, you can spend hours in an uncomfortable position with bound neck and back, which seriously affects your circulation.

Although most people know that the ability to stand and walk during the flight can help to accelerate blood circulation, it is not always possible (or comfortable!). In this case, comes to the aid of a tennis ball.

Sounds strange? Just read on. Tennis balls can bypass any fancy, expensive gadgets, when it comes to pain relief, improve blood circulation and relieve stiffness. And as it turns out, the presence of such a ball in your hand baggage can prevent the formation of blood clots in long-distance flights or journeys.

Riding tennis ball along the body relaxes stiff muscles and stimulates blood flow. It’s almost a perfect self-massage on the go, the need for which you had no idea. The tennis balls not only compact enough to fit in a small bag, but the use of them during flight will not disturb your neighbors. In addition, fortunately, this is not the kind of thing that may not like the security personnel of the airport.

There are certain areas on which you should focus when performing self-massage. Key parts of the body that require your attention include the ankle, wrist, hips, legs (especially calves) and your upper back and shoulders. Slightly press the ball to each area, performing the movements, and be especially careful with any points of tension or spasserovannye nodes.

The advice seems simple enough, right? It can make your life much easier and keep you healthy.