Why you should not use a lot of perfume during air travel

The passenger claims that she was treated like “a criminal” and subjected to the procedure of full search after her expensive perfume gave a false positive result when testing for explosives at the airport.

Почему не стоит использовать много парфюма во время авиапутешествия

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Australian entertainer Rhonda Burchmore said she had to go through unpleasant procedures while checking in the airport of Dubbo in New South Wales, writes The Sun.

The security personnel using the technology to detect traces of explosives, using special probes to check randomly selected passengers passing the security check.

In the event Rhonda about the positive effect was obviously caused by an ingredient in her perfume expensive Chanel.

“It took me three times to search, to collect my documents and to write a report after the alarm gets triggered 3 times. About 30 minutes spent figuring out the fact that the reason the nitrate in my perfume Chanel they said it happens with expensive perfume!” — the woman wrote on Twitter.

Later, the actress said that dramatic experience was “unusual.”

“The car was green, and the alarm went off. The second time an employee of the security service said: “We have to do it again, you have something there,” says Rhonda.

She said she has received a complete search, also she was forced to give a driver’s license in front of a crowd of people.

“There were six people from the security services, as if I’m a criminal,” says the woman.

In the end she said she was off the hook.

“They said, “We can’t find anything, the only thing that is obvious… you have expensive perfume?” — said the artist. — I said, “Yes, I have Chanel”.

“It was the nitrate in my perfume Chanel either on my body or in a small portable bottle with them, which caused all of this, she says. — It is obvious that if the spirits were cheap, this would not have happened. There is something special that is in the perfume Coco Chanel.”

This is not the first case when the cosmetics ingredients cause false readings when testing explosives at the airport.

In 2013 at the airport in Columbus, Ohio, American showed positive test for explosives — found that a false result caused by her hand cream. It was reported that the security officers took the woman into the room and searched for 15 minutes. She said the hand cream that she applied before going to the airport, contain glycerin, which is a component of explosives.

The same thing happened with an employee of NBC, who in the same year traveled through the airport Dallas-Fort worth in Texas.

Press Secretary transportation security Administration the United States said that glycerin, which is found in many lotions and cosmetic products “is not an uncommon problem,” when it comes to false positives for explosives.

“(Technology screening) should be sensitive enough to detect even the slightest presence of explosives on a passenger or piece of Luggage — said the representative. — Because of this sensitivity frequently used items may produce a false positive alarm during the inspection.”

It is also reported that some cardiac medications containing nitroglycerine, activated the sensors of the explosives, and fertilizers for lawns on sneakers and Golf clubs.