Why you should resolutely refuse to drink tea with sugar

Tea should be drunk without adding sugar. According to doctors, the habit to drink regularly sweetened tea is injurious metabolic processes, triggers obesity and several other diseases.

Почему стоит решительно отказаться пить чай с сахаром

Nutritionists believe sugar is a dangerous enemy of a slender figure. The fact that the absorption of fast carbs with hot liquid is the fastest, which causes the increase in the level of glucose in the blood.

The habit of drinking tea with sugar, and even putting in the drink three or four spoonfuls, contributes to the development of insulin resistance, which can develop type II diabetes. It is not useful for the teeth.

In addition, the sugar in the tea (black) inhibits the absorption of vitamin B1, required for normal activity of the nervous system.

Regular consumption of more than two spoons of sugar can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers note. The study showed that fans of overly sweet drink risks of getting dementia by 54% more than the other.

Physicians cited three reasons that motivated you to refuse to drink tea with sugar.

First, you have for obvious reasons stabiliziruemost weight. Second, is twice as efficient will work in the intestines by speeding up the metabolism. Thirdly, the skin condition will improve noticeably wipes out acne and pimples.

Recall that sugar increases glycation, a process in which excess glucose molecules attach to collagen and damage it. This process accelerates the aging of the skin, promotes the formation of wrinkles, pigmentation. The refusal of sugar makes the skin smooth and radiant.