Why you still have not received the financial assistance in connection with the coronavirus: 9 probable causes

You meet the requirements for payments in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, but still waiting on a check from the IRS (IRS)? CNET cites several likely reasons why the money is still there.

Почему вы до сих пор не получили финпомощь в связи с коронавирусом: 9 вероятных причин

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If you have the right to assistance in connection with the coronavirus, but it still didn’t come, you probably want to know the reason for the delay of payment. You have to get money in the form of a direct transfer to a Bank account (if you gave it to the IRS before the deadline may 13, or he was in your tax documents early) or by mail (you will receive a paper check or mailed a debit card).

Financial assistance was approved by the Federal government as part of a package intended to compensate for economic consequences of the pandemic. The IRS stated that the payment schedule will be extended until the end of June, and has already sent more than 150 million checks. At the stage of negotiations is a bill on the second round of cash transfers in the amount of $1200, but it does not mean that the decision was made.

The payment process does not always go smoothly: the money came in on the wrong account, and even the dead, in addition, ForumDaily wrote about 6 possible reasons why the check is still there. If you ran the tool the IRS Get My Payment and have not received answers to their questions, here’s what else may cause a delay.

You will not get paid if you do not have it right

You have the right to receive the payment if you:

  • unmarried U.S. resident with adjusted gross income of less than $99 000;
  • submit a Declaration as a head of household earning less than $146 500;
  • file a joint return with your spouse, you have children and you earn less than $198 000;
  • are the parent of a child under the age of 16 years.

Your payment scheduled for a later date

Although the staff of the IRS has already sent 152 million of payments, they still have a lot to do. In April, according to estimates by the IRS, it was reported that to send each payment may take up to 20 weeks, and the first checks sent to individuals with the lowest income. Depending on your adjusted gross income, you may need a few weeks to several months of waiting.

Your payment are going to send in the mail

The IRS took a big step to all who had the right to receive the cheque register for transmission of the direct transfer until may 13. The advantage of direct translation is that you can get a check faster than the mail. Now, when the deadline expired, the IRS has stated that they will continue to send paper checks and debit cards, whose banking information is not available from late may to June.

The IRS has started to process your paper check before you sent the account information

If the IRS was preparing to mail your paper check, when you provide banking information on the Internet, you will still get your check in the mail. In this situation, you can expect a payment up to 14 days.

Banking information that is in the IRS obsolete

The IRS said that they use the Bank information from your tax return in 2018 or 2019 to send payment. However, some tax services create temporary accounts for their customers. If you have submitted this information in their declarations, the payment will be returned and processed again.

If for any reason your Bank information provided to the IRS are invalid, the Agency will report that you will receive a check in the mail. The IRS recommends checking tool Get My Payment for updates.

Your Bank is having trouble processing the direct Deposit

If your Bank was unable to process the electronic money transfer from the IRS, the payment was returned and now the IRS send your check to the latest submitted address is taken from either a tax return or 2019 2018, or of the postal service.

You are behind on child support

If you are behind on alimony payments, your payment in connection with the coronavirus can be reduced or completely withheld. If this happens, the Bureau of the fiscal service will send you a notification.

The claimed dependent is not entitled to payment

Parents who are not married to each other and are not filing a joint return, cannot claim to receive payment for a child dependant. The parent who reported the child in the Declaration for 2019, can get payment. In addition, students-dependents are not eligible for payment.

If you do not submit the Declaration form will still need to fill

If you have the right to receive the payment, but due to low income you do not need to file a tax return in 2018 or 2019, you may need to use a tool the IRS (nonfilers tool) to provide the Agency with your information. If you think this applies to you, go to the IRS website, check the requirements, and then provide some basic information to verify your payment.

If you have potential problems regarding the payment, the IRS has added 3,500 telephone representatives to address problems of a General nature. However, representatives can’t help with specific problems on your financial aid.

As previously wrote ForumDaily:

  • Federal payments in connection with the coronavirus will not be taxed.
  • If the government does not have the number of your direct Bank account, then some will have to wait for mailed checks until September.
  • According to the bailout package, there are categories of persons who, although the income doesn’t get help. They should be listed here.
  • The topic of governmental support is actively used by fraudsters. Their approach and ways to defend against them — the link.
  • April 15, the IRS has launched an online tool that will allow you to enter information about your account, track payment and get the money as soon as possible. Details about how to use it, read here.
  • After the commencement of payments, many have reported that when checking the payment status online, they found that the money was sent to the wrong account, including the dead.
  • The majority of Americans will receive Federal payments government assistance in connection with the coronavirus automatically, but there are several reasons why payment may be delayed.
  • The Mexican-American legal defense Fund and education has filed a lawsuit against the Federal government in connection with refusal in payment of assistance in connection with the coronavirus US citizens married to immigrants without social security numbers.
  • The Americans together with the receipt of Federal assistance from the government get in the mail and a letter from the President of the United States Donald trump. It begins with the greeting “My brother is American…”. Why is this idea not everyone liked it — read our material.


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