Wife Komarova took part in the fashion show of wedding dresses

The winner of the contest “Miss Ukraine-2016” and the young wife of the traveler and the host of TV program “the World Inside out” Dmitry Komarov Alexander Kucherenko now works as a TV presenter and starred in the sports program. Only recently the girl has pleased fans with a unique photo with her and her husband honeymoon in the Maldives, but a new picture in his Instagram pretty puzzled.

Жена Комарова приняла участие в показе свадебных нарядов

21-year-old beauty posted a photo, which depicted in a luxurious white wedding dress and veil. The wedding of Alexandra and Dmitry took place in June — then the pair secretly married in Kiev, but the wedding took place in the Orthodox Church of Jerusalem. And the outfit of the bride was completely different!

However, Kucherenko quickly clarified the situation and asked the beloved not to worry, because she only participated in the show of wedding dresses.

Жена Комарова приняла участие в показе свадебных нарядов

“Don’t be scared, honey, it’s just a display of wedding dresses during #uwfw. I was able to again visit the bride and Cinderella in the fairy tale. And even though the Shoe I didn’t lose, but a 5-metre train specifically interfere to move down the runway catching all the edges and joints. And while volunteers from the audience helped my tail to break, I had time to think about what style of dress to my wedding I chose the right one)) But it is divinely beautiful! I wish one day every girl feel like a Princess in the most beautiful white dress! Is it lush or concise — a matter of choice. By the way, what?)))” — shared the girl.

Subscribers showered Sasha with enthusiastic comments, noting her beauty and dresses.

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