Wife of Kevin O’leary was charged in collision on lake Joseph (PHOTO)

Жене Кевина О’Лири предъявлено обвинение в столкновении на озере Джозеф (ФОТО)

Provincial Police in Ontario reported that the wife of a famous businessman Kevin O’leary is one of two accused in a collision of boats on lake Joseph in the last month, which killed two people.

In a press release published Tuesday afternoon, the police confirmed that Linda O’leary was charged with careless handling of the vessel in accordance with the shipping act of Canada.

Richard Roux (Richard Ruh), 57-year-old new Yorker, was also charged in connection with the crash.

He was charged that he had not switched on the navigation lights during the movement in accordance with section 23 of the shipping Act of Canada.

The collision, which occurred on August 24, claimed the lives of Patasa Gary (Gary Poltash), a 64-year resident of Belleair Beach, Florida, 48-year-old resident of Uxbridge (Uxbridge) Suzanne Brito (Brito Susanne).

O’leary confirmed that at the time of the collision, he was aboard one of the boats, but did not say who controlled it.

In a statement issued after the incident, O’leary insisted that the other boats were not navigational lights, and it disappeared from the scene.

Police later denied the claim that one of the vessels escaped from the scene, saying that both groups went “to the nearest settlement” and called 911.

Speaking to the canadian press, lawyer Linda O’leary Brian Greenspan said about the “priskorbno” the fact that the OPP decided to charge his client.

He said that O’leary “has experience running boats and doing it with due care,” and the collision occurred with the “dark ship in a dark and moonless night on lake Joseph”.

Representative ORR confirmed that in case of conviction for careless management of the ship, she faces a prison sentence of up to 18 months and fines of up to $ 1 million.

He also added that the lack of navigation lights is a penalty.

Police said that because the shipping act Canada is in Federal jurisdiction, the proceedings will be in control of the Public Prosecutor of Canada.

Linda O’leary has to appear in court in parry Sound on October 29.