Wife of Paul Zibrova sorry for the participants of Dancing with the stars 2019

People’s artist of Ukraine Pavlo Zibrov and his wife Marina have accepted the invitation of the presenter Lesya Nikityuk visiting the presentation of a new project about travel in Ukraine “LeМаршрутка” to “New channel”.

Жене Павла Зиброва жалко участников Танцев со звездами 2019

By the way, among the guests were many members of the dance show dancing with the stars 2019 different seasons. That is not surprising, because nikitiuk with partner max Yezhov took second place in the Dance last year. In 2018, Pavel Zibrov also tried his luck in the draft dancing with the stars. Today, Paul admits that he does not believe that this is all it was. In exclusive comments to LITE/ RBC-Ukraine Pavel and Marina Zibrova together thought about the participation of people’s artist in the project, have named their favorites of the season 2019, and appealed to the judges of the show.

Paul and Marina Zibrova appealed to the judges of the show Dancing with the stars 2019

Pavel Zibrov: Dancing in front of his wife

Star wife willing to watch dancing with the stars 2019. And the question is, does the artist participate in the project, Paul says:

“Miss! I think: phew, thank God, it really happened to me a year ago?! I am reminded and scared, and worried, and worried about their loved artists, and I think how difficult for them, as they squeeze out all the juices. Sit and experience”.

Zibrov continues to dance.

“Well, I dance in front of his wife, it happens like this” jokes Zibrov.

“No, he’s dancing! We have, incidentally, is in the Studio ballroom. He is — rehearsing with her girls. And it gave him a lot (ed — participation in Dancing). It is now easier and easier dances,” explains Marina Zibrova.

Paul himself admits that after the project again gained some weight, but not critical.

“Then I lost 7 pounds. Now I’ve added, unfortunately, 2-3. But, in principle, form good”.

Marina Zibrov: I’m sorry artists

Wife of people’s artist knows all the backstage of the project. So I decided to appeal to his judges:

“You know, we’re watching dancing with the stars, we are very interested, the project is very good, very beautiful. But I would like to say to the judges! Dear judge, when you tell the performers that “this is not a waltz”, “this tune is not suitable, it was necessary to take another tune” I’m sorry artists, because , believe me, they don’t choose what they dance they are given, they sometimes “to caracatita” under these melodies. It’s not their fault. Very sorry, just!”

Favorites on the show dancing with the stars 2019

The couple admits they are sorry that the project has left one of his mistresses — TV presenter Lyudmila Barbir. Now favorite Sipovich — Elena Kravets.

“Lyudmila Barbir we liked. Now Elena Kravetz also really like,” says Marina.

“But as we know it behind the scenes, we experience a hundredfold more. Because sorry really is sometimes. So beautifully danced, tried so hard, and the judges: “And there is not the waltz, but it is not something” or “Partner’s in growth”… I think that is all you need to do, and not already on the project — that there is someone too young, someone tall, not the dance, not the tune. It does not depend on performers, believe me! Paul, incidentally, was also the partner of small stature. But she taught him to dance, very nice girl,” says Marina Zibrova.

“Maria Shmeleva — clever! I am very grateful! It’s small, light — 50 keys”, — comments on his ex-partner for project Paul.