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In the night of Saturday, November 23 Sunday, November 24, in Las Vegas in the ring of the legendary MGM Grand Arena will host the fight for the title of world champion under version WBС heavyweight title between title holder American DevTeam Wilder (41 victory, 40 of them by Ko, 1 draw) and Cuban Luis Ortiz (31 wins, 26 of them by Ko, 1 defeat).


Wilder lighter by almost 11 kg

At the final pre-fight weigh scales under the Wilder showed 96,56 kg 2,26 kg more than in March 2018. As for Ortiz, the Cuban “draped” on 107,27 kg lowest weight in the last four years.

Words before battle

Deontay Wilder: I will fight with Luis Ortiz, and I am proud that this is my 10 title defense. Many thought that I’ll never be a champion, and I have 10 times going to defend his belt. And I want to win nicely. Victory is always a victory, but I don’t like to leave the ring without a knockout. I am the master of knockouts. I don’t go around and around and just knock the opponent. Quite simple.

Always talking about the age of Ortiz. But who cares? There are many boxers who came out to the ring and showed class, being even older — for example, Bernard Hopkins or George foreman. Ortiz says he’s 40 years old and if you look at it — at least 45. And maybe all 50. But it doesn’t matter. Let it be 99 years old, I still intend to beat him“.

Luis Ortiz: I don’t believe that Wilder knocked me out. In that fight I’m just dead tired, exhausted and lost all power. Honestly, it would be better knocked out than to experience such weakness.

However, I am aware of the power of the opponent. Deontay is the best puncher of the division, but this time I’ll be better prepared physically. Wilder is the best heavyweight of the decade, but only as long as someone doesn’t beat. We will have a different strategy to fight, which we hope to bring to life. The difference with the first match. I have a plan to send Wilder out, but I’m ready to go the full distance

The first fight ended by knockout in the 10th round

In the first fight between the boxers, which was held March 3, 2018, Wilder won by TKO in the 10th round after Louis had twice been knocked down.

Wilder remains undefeated, Ortiz defeated three opponents

After today’s match in March 2018 Deontay had two fights in the beginning of December 2018 was a draw in the confrontation with the Briton Tyson fury, and in may of this year, the American in the first round knocked out his compatriot Dominic Brizil.

As for Ortiz, it is during this time Louis spent three fights — fights with Romanian Razvan the glistening leather coat in July and American Travis Kauffman in December 2018 ended for opponents of the Cuban knockouts, and the winner of the match with another Romanian Christian hammer was established by decision of the judges in favor of Louis.

Bookmakers believe in Wilder

In the upcoming match bookmakers see a clear favourite American undefeated boxer. For example, analysts “Favorite Sport” I put the odds on the victory of Wilder of 1.15, while the success of his rival give 5,50 (draw is estimated at 31.0). While knockout win Deontay give 1,26 (win on points — 6,0), an early victory Ortiz is estimated at 7.0 (win on points and 15.0).

The fee of the Wilder — two times more than Ortiz

According to the Athletic Commission of Nevada, the fee of Deontay Wilder’s fight with Luis Ortiz will make $ 3 million, Cuban will receive 1.5 million At the same time, as reported by insider Dan Rafael, taking into account all guaranteed payments, including a percentage from the sale of television rights, tickets, etc., American will add to your Bank account 20 million “green” Ortiz — 7 million


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