Wildfire threatens thousands of homes in southern California (PHOTOS, VIDEO) (PHOTOS)

Природный пожар угрожает тысячам домов на юге Калифорнии (ФОТО, ВИДЕО) (ФОТО)

In California almost two weeks remains extreme fire danger. October 30 once again, the wind increased Santa Ana in the southern half. Fires threaten residential area, conducted evacuation of the population, according to Stormnews.

In Ventura County large fire Easy Fire came to the Presidential library of Ronald Reagan in the city of Simi valley. Its area is estimated at 330 acres. Under the threat turned out to be 7 million homes. Mandatory evacuation declared for several districts, reports CBS Los Angeles.

A few days earlier, dozens of houses were destroyed by fire Fire Tick and the Getty Fire in the County of Los Angeles Fire and Kincade in SONOMA County. 200 thousand people were forced to leave their homes. Several people were injured or poisoning with burning products.

The most serious damage caused a fire in SONOMA County. Its area is more than 19.5 thousand hectares. Burned more than 100 structures, including 57 houses. From dangerous areas were evacuated 180 thousand inhabitants.

Getty Fire in the County of Los Angeles was threatened by 10 to thousands of homes in and around Brentwood, where celebrities. Their homes had to leave the family of a star basketball of LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others. Here the fire destroyed 12 houses.

In addition, because of strong winds, threat of breakage of wires and the emergence of new fires, energy companies are forced to shut down. In the area of trips get 2 million homes. According PowerOutage.us, currently without electricity are about 400 thousand houses.

A fire in Ventura County, October 30, 2019: