Will interval fasting to lose weight?


Studies have shown that intermittent fasting can help improve your health and avoid serious diseases.

Поможет ли интервальное голодание сбросить лишние килограммы?

Interval fasting is practiced periodic refusals of food. There are different patterns – some are somewhat similar to the advice to “not eat after six”, while others imply the rejection of food during the day once or twice a week. Note that many people interval fasting is contraindicated. So hold it only under medical supervision.

The studies had proven the benefits of interval fasting for patients with diabetes. Patients who practiced fasting in combination with the restriction of carbohydrates, have managed to reduce insulin and reduce blood sugar level in one month. In addition, interval fasting helps reduce cholesterol and normalize pressure.

Another study was conducted with the participation of people diagnosed with obesity. During the experiment, one group practiced intermittent fasting, eating on the fasting days 600 calories. The other group followed the diet with a caloric deficit. Two months later, the group who practiced fasting, achieved the best results in weight loss and better health. Many participants noted that their psychological state also underwent positive changes.

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