Will it help to lose weight diet coke?

Manufacturers are promoting a diet coke on the market as a product without sugar, and therefore more safe for health and do not lead to obesity. British scientists decided to test, how well do diet coke actually.

Поможет ли похудеть диетическая кола?

Diet coke is most popular in United States so the researchers studied the diet of about 7 million American children. In the course of scientific work it was found that diet coke has on the appetite stimulant effect, so that children eat more, including sugar, thereby offsetting the amount that they “lacked” in the diet coke.

Researchers have made calculations and found that children who drink regular coke, on an average day get to 312 kcal more than need to their body. And those children who drink diet soda, get a 450 of these calories. In General, scientific work has shown that the number of calories consumed by children above the norm when drinking any sweet drinks from the supermarket. Fit to normal only those children who drank clean water.

The abuse of sodas and fast food is one of the most compelling reasons for the spread of childhood obesity. Diet coke was released as an attempt to position the brand as caring about the health of the consumer. In this stake are supposedly no calories, instead of sugar they use aspartame. A number of scientists believe that such a replacement does not make the Cola more useful. In addition, the experts agree with a study by British scientists – the use of diet sodas actually leads to an increased range of calories from other products.

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