Will retirees from ORDA to hospitlity

Ukrainian retirees residing on the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk and Lugansk regions, after the abolition of quarantine restrictions and the opening of the PPC will be able to receive government payments in full.

Смогут ли пенсионеры из ОРДЛО получить госвыплаты

It is reported portal “UKRINFORM” with reference to the statement of the head of GU of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in Donetsk region Natalia Happy, made Wednesday, may 6, during the briefing in Kramatorsk.

Persons of retirement age, who rely on state payments from Ukraine residing in the temporarily occupied regions of the country, after removing the quarantine and opening of the crossings will be able to receive pensions for all time of restrictive measures. This applies to all citizens, observe the norms of legislation of Ukraine.

“Of course, we have taken into account all the assessed amount. If a person is drawn, complies with the requirements of the current legislation, he will receive all of their pension payments,” — said Natalia Happy, answering the question about whether living in ORDA pensioners to obtain their entitlements.

Also, the portal “Hvilya” reported that Minister of social policy Marina Lazebnaya reminded about the indexing of pensions for citizens of the country, is scheduled for 2020. According to the official, it will pass in three stages, and the means for this have already been allocated to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Marina Lazebnaya separately noted the fact that some nationals do not expect the increase in benefits in may 2020, because they do not fall under the category of persons, whose pensions PF index in the first place. So citizens should expect higher payments in the first days of July, and then in early December this year.