Will the Blue Jays prove the pundits wrong?

Will the Blue Jays make the pundits lie?


With about 20 games to play before the end of MLB's regular season, the Toronto Blue Jays will have to work hard to catch the New York Yankees at the top of their division, an outcome that bookmakers don't plan. 

Despite the three-game series the Bronx Bombers will have to play in the Queen City from September 26-28, pundits don't don't expect the Jays to close the six-game gap to the lead. On Wednesday afternoon, the Mise-o-jeu + site offered 19 times the stake to those predicting first place for the men of interim manager John Schneider. 

The odds assigned to the Yankees are 1, 05, while that of the Tampa Bay Rays is 36.00; the Florida team was six and a half games before their duel in Toronto scheduled for the evening. As for the Baltimore Orioles, who are 11½ games behind, the betting platform offered no less than 801 times the starting amount.

The campaign will end on October 5.< /p>