Will the body vibration machine to lose weight?

People stopped believing the advertising that the body vibration machine will make them look so thin. In fact, this device helps, but not this.

Поможет ли вибротренажер похудеть?

The vibration plates, at one time actively advertised in the “shopping” seem to be fading. And for good reason. Error advertisers, offering an excellent tool for losing weight and building muscles, is that this unit does not removes unnecessary weight and does not create six-pack abs. Hence a lot of dissatisfied customers, deceived in their expectations. Excess weight is still not invented anything better than a properly balanced diet, for effective and efficient muscles the necessary exercise. Any sofa with a body vibration machine will help.

But what about in reality? First and foremost, it is necessary to change the name and call vibration and massage machine with vibro. Vibration massage, which is performed by this apparatus increases the work of subcutaneous blood vessels. And it improves metabolism and stops congestion. Which leads to, for example, to eliminate cellulite. Not immediately, but gradually, the cellulite goes away. In addition, vibration will trigger the nerve endings that trigger the regeneration of our skin tissues. It makes the skin younger and more elastic, tightens saggy folds. So, visually you will look more fit. It is important. And if we add the right diet and sports, all problems will be solved. Look at the world in its entirety.