‘Will the feds intervene’: from homeless tramp threatens the Governor of California

The President of the United States Donald trump threatened the Governor of California Gavin Newsom Federal intervention, if that can not solve in the state of crisis of homelessness, writes Fox News.

'Вмешаются федералы': из-за бездомных Трамп угрожает губернатору Калифорнии

Photo: Facebook/The White House

“Governor Gavin N. has done a very poor job of caring for the homeless population in California. If he can’t solve the problem, will participate in the Federal government!”, — trump wrote in his twitter.

'Вмешаются федералы': из-за бездомных Трамп угрожает губернатору Калифорнии

Photo: screenshot of Twitter

In “the Golden state”, the most densely populated state in the United States, in January of 2018, there were more than 129 972 homeless, in accordance with the report of the Department of housing and urban development [HUD].

Earlier in December, Newsom has accused the administration trump the growing number of homeless in such cities as Los Angeles and San Francisco, saying that the White house takes no action in respect of “Housing First” approach of the Governor to the problem of homelessness. The proposal is that the first homeless people to obtain housing and, possibly, further skills training or attend services with addiction.

“They’re not serious about this issue. They play politics with this … don’t expect anything, in addition to the separation coming from the people in the HUD and the administration trump,” said Newsome.

At Christmas, trump retweeted the owner of Fox Nation of Tomi San Juan, who responded to the previous review Newsom chiding him for his lack of responsibility.

“Take responsibility, Gavin,” wrote Laren.

“This is your staff, and you and your democratic cohorts have created this mess. You can’t always blame @realDonaldTrump. Step away from the hair gel and get to work !!!”, — she added.

The last trump’s criticism of the Governor was made a month after he accused Newsom in “horrible job “, when California’s raging forest fires.

He also put pressure on the Governor of California, stating that no more Federal funding to fight forest fires, if the state does not improve its system.

Earlier this week, Newsom posted a video in support of the impeachment of trump.

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