Will there be a shortage of bread?

The Ministry of economy, trade and agriculture of Ukraine reported that food shortages will not. So as of now the domestic food market filled with all the goods. According to the Ministry, the price situation is stable and controllable.

Будет ли дефицит хлеба?

It is reported by the economy Ministry on his page in Facebook.

“Before you begin to enter the grain (plants and cereal grains — EP) with the new crop, we will have 3 million tonnes of wheat — 2 times more than last year, which will ensure us food security. So there is no shortage of bread will not ” — said the Minister Igor Petrashko.

The report stated that three weeks ago was the growth of prices on certain commodity positions, which failed to stop. The Ministry explained the growth of prices of seasonal character.

“Each year before Easter there is a rise in prices for separate products. But unpredictable surges was and never will be. The second is the devaluation of the hryvnia. The third reason is the speculative element, the address of which the Ministry is already working, ” — said in the Ministry.