Wilson Reybold and Philpott made a statement in their districts (PHOTO)


Уилсон-Рейболд и Филпотт сделают заявления в своих округах  (ФОТО)

Jody Wilson-Reibold and Jane Philpott had planned for today the announcement of its next steps.

Former liberal Cabinet Ministers have resigned in connection with a conflict matter by SNC-Lavalin are going to make open statements in their constituencies.

Wilson-Reybold is an independent MP from British Columbia County of Vancouver-Granville and Philpott, an independent MP from Ontario district Markham-Stouffville.

To date they have not provided any details, except that in this meeting where they want to share information about his political future, was invited by the voters.

Wilson Reybold held the post of Minister of justice in the Cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, but then, in January of this year, she was transferred to the Ministry of veterans Affairs.

She later said that she believes the decision to withdraw it from the Ministry of justice was dictated by how it has responded to the request to assist in the termination of the criminal proceedings against the Quebec construction giant SNC-Lavalin.

Philpott, former Minister of health, Minister for indigenous Affairs and Chairman of the Board of the Treasury, resigned from the Cabinet in early March in protest against the actions of Trudeau in this case.

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