Winning at casinos and beer joints after 40: fury fun “pulled” after the fight with Wallin (photo)

Выигрыш в казино и пиво после 40 швов: Фьюри весело «оттянулся» после боя с Валлином (фото)

British heavyweight contender Tyson fury (29 wins, 20 of them by knockout, 1 draw) after a difficult victory over the Swede Otto Wallin, in which he received a deep cut over his eye, but still won a unique championship belt WBC Maya, get rich relaxation.

Immediately after the fight I went to the hospital where I got stitches. How much is it? I don’t know exactly, but I think about 40. But it’s Boxing! Do you want to go swimming but not get wet? It’s a fight!” — quoted undefeated boxer website

By the way, on his page on Instagram, the boxer posted a photo of his bloodied face during the fight, which was signed by the red letters “WARRIOR” (“Voin”. — AVT.), and underneath, left a comment “We are Sparta“.

Выигрыш в казино и пиво после 40 швов: Фьюри весело «оттянулся» после боя с Валлином (фото)

In his usual humorous manner fury told what he did in the following battle day. “After the hospital, I went to sleep and when I woke up, decided to spend time in the casino won five thousand bucks was like a couple of cans of beer. What are your future plans? Well, perhaps, bahnet a couple of Beers“. Tyson also said he was ready to fight in February with WBC champion American DevTeam Wilder. “Yes, I’m ready for this battle!” summed up the flamboyant British.

However, his promoter Frank Warren is very cautious in his predictions about the fight is a rematch with the American. “All done, we had agreed to fight with the DevTeam, which will be held next year. Of course, the date now depends on when Tyson will heal the eye. We will not allow fury to enter the ring unless he is 100% ready. Wilder is a fighter with the hardest punch in the heavyweight division over the last 20 years. We all saw what happened in their first fight. However, the contract is signed. Both fighters want the rematch, everyone wants that to happen. You just have to wait to see how it will heal the cut, “—said the official in comments to TalkSport.


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