Winning in court and new charges amber heard: the latest news from the life of johnny Depp

The life of a Hollywood actor turned in a solid trial.

Победа в суде и новые обвинения Эмбер Херд: последние новости из жизни Джонни Деппа

On the basis of litigation between ex-spouses johnny Depp and amber heard, which lasts for the third year, it is already possible to make a TV series. Last week, Depp decided to meet and agreed with the requirement of a defendant amber to provide the court with information about your treatment for alcohol and drug dependency until November 15. With them amber links inappropriate behavior and violence by ex-spouse.

Depp may not attempt to challenge the truthfulness of the claims of Mrs. Hurd about his violent and abusive behavior in the state of alcoholic intoxication, and also to insist on the abolition of protection orders, and then refuse to provide the court with evidence to support or refute this

— said at the last hearing on the case, the lawyer amber heard George. Benjamin Rottenborn.

In this the lawyer Depp responded that “amber should stop pretending and desperately trying to prove their lies”. Also, according to him, the team heard chose the tactics of lawyers Harvey Weinstein — the vilification of the victims in discrediting the honor and reputation of the media reports.

The reverse reaction has not kept itself waiting long. Amber heard said that the actor bribed witnesses to violence towards her. The amount she called the astronomical — “several million dollars”. Writes about this edition of The Blast. She summoned representatives of the Agency for The Mandel Group, which managed assets Depp from 1999 to 2016, with the requirement to present and judges the archives of monetary transactions, including “payments from Depp to concealing acts of violence to witnesses who observed the violence of Depp and / or helped him to hide.” This amber even willing to cover the costs of setting up such a record — 5575 dollars. According to amber heard, the Agency, The Mandel Group was also aware of violent actions on the part of Depp:

Of particular importance is the fact that The Mandel Group was aware of the insults heard and the pressure on their employees to make false public statements denying this fact

— said in an official statement.

This has come to the end of another trial of johnny Depp — but with his former lawyer Jake bloom. The actor won a court case that began in December last year. Approval Depp, his personal lawyer and part owner of the law firm Bloom Hergott for several years received multi-million commissions for its services without registration of the relevant contracts. The lawyer also concealed the financial fraud of the company TMG, which previously had imagined. These include credit, issued in the name of Depp the company Grosvenor Park, the existence of which the actor did not know at all. In addition, the bloom consisted in friendly relations with the head of a credit organization and benefited from the transaction. The court granted the petition and ordered the lawyer to pay Depp over $ 30 million.