Winter in mid-may in the Eastern States of the USA there is record cold

Strong gusts of cold air will force the inhabitants of the Eastern United States to feel cold in winter in mid-may, says ABC News.

Зима в середине мая: в восточные штаты США идет рекордное похолодание

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Despite a slight increase in temperature during the day, may 11 in the East and 12 may in the North-West the expected new wave of cold winter weather.

Low temperature Saturday, may 9, was very impressive in some parts of Pennsylvania — the temperature dropped to 27 degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius and 2.8), which corresponds to the record low level for the whole of may. At Binghamton, state of new York, the temperature was 24 degrees (-4,4 Celsius), which is a new record low temperature in may. In Indianapolis, the air is cooled to 27 degrees on the morning of 9 may, which also broke the record low temperature for may.

May 9, the cold air also brought precipitation in different parts of the northeast. In Central Park in new York had traces of snow, a record very late spring snowfall. During the day, squalls of rain passed through the North-East, some threads contain snow and snow groats, and both types of precipitation.

May 11 began with another cold morning in different parts of the Eastern United States. During the day, possible record lows all the way from Massachusetts on the East coast and to Georgia, as well as several episodes of cold weather in the West to Arkansas.

The wind in the North-East subsides, but the gusts are still cold to 20-30 degrees (-6,6-1,1 Celsius) in some parts of the region, including major cities from Washington, D.C. to new York and Boston. According to weather forecasters, it is noteworthy that in this may, there is such cold weather.

11 may fast-moving weather system will bring some snow in parts of Minnesota and Wisconsin. This storm can cause a noticeable deterioration in the weather in some parts of Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan later in the day. Gusty winds will be the main threat along with small hail.

The good news is that the storm should bring a bit of warm air that will cause temperature rise to 60 degrees (15,5 Celsius) in some parts of the Eastern United States until the end of the day.

In the North-East will be a little rain, in some parts of New England will be strong thunderstorms.

Unfortunately, another surge of cold air is right behind this storm. Because of the strong wind on the morning of may 12 in the region from Minnesota to the northeast, the temperature can again drop to 20-30 degrees (-6,6-1,1 Celsius). Record low temperatures are possible in the Great lakes and Middle Atlantic, including at airports near new York, such as Newark, LaGuardia and Kennedy.

Waves of cold air for a few days will keep more severe weather, including a favorable for a tornado on the Plains. Most likely, the picture will change in the second half of may, with more likely to more typical spring weather conditions.

In the West, warm and hot air remains dominant. Seattle beat the record 86 (30 Celsius) degrees (last year the maximum was 83°, or 28.3 Celsius), and in Portland recorded temperature of 87 degrees (30,5 Celsius), which beat the old record of 86 degrees set in 1987.

May 11 in the North-West in some places the temperature can reach plus or minus 85 degrees (to 29.4 Celsius). In Seattle will be 84 degrees Fahrenheit (28,9 Celsius).


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