Winter Olympics 2026 may be held in the hot Brazil

If the international Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Sochi, a subtropical the capital of the 2014 winter Olympics, why not to repeat this scenario in Brazil, which plans to apply to host the winter Olympic games in 2026, according to the Surto Olympico.

Presumably, the Game can go in Mossoró, located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte.

Since it was a major event requiring a large financial investment, we also study the joint application with other cities in the northeast.

It should be noted that the climate in this region of the country a little comparable to winter sports, the average annual temperature is +28 degrees, and in the calendar winter in Brazil is summer.

Recall that the winter Olympic games in 2026 was previously instructed to carry out in Milan, Italy and Cortina d’ampezzo.

However, with the implementation of this plan, any unexpected difficulties.

Not so long ago in Italy, a law was passed, according to which the powers for the organization of sports activities, including the distribution of targeted financial flows are transferred to the government of Italy, and accordingly the NOC is deprived of Autonomous status.