“With my boyfriend sometimes arrange friendly games”: 16‑year-old Ukrainian became world champion at…

«Со своим парнем иногда устраиваю спарринги»: 16‑летняя украинка стала чемпионкой мира по...

More than a thousand participants from thirty-one countries gathered for the fifth world karate championship held in the Irish capital Dublin. And the gold medal of the competition in the category up to 59 kilograms went to 16-year-old athlete from Donetsk region Elizabeth Tatarenko. In the fight for the award Lisa had to contend not only with strong opponents, but also with a huge number of obstacles that stood in her way to Dublin. For example, the Ukrainian Association of karate and the national team of Ukraine on karate JKS, is a member of Lisa, refused to sponsor her trip. The athlete and her coach had to go to various funds to MPs. Enhanced training, the strikes, the nerves… Lisa worked six hours a day in preparation for the world championship, and has presented himself champion.

And here on the eve of departure she and other Ukrainian athletes heading to Ireland for the competition, said: the visa they will not open.

But Lisa and then did not give up. Went to Kiev at the Irish Consulate in Ukraine. Incredible efforts by connecting all possible links and even asking for help from the President of Ukraine, coach Elizabeth managed to achieve the revision of the visa issue for his ward. But while the girl was waiting for a visa, a plane to Dublin flew away…


“Once in school one motion threw the boy who attacked me”

— It was such a hassle! — says the “FACTS” of the newly made world champion in karate Elizabeth Tatarenko. — Coach for so long prepared me for the world championship, I wasted a whole summer doing practically seven days a week. In July — physical training, in August — training camp in Svyatogorsk, where it was up to four sessions a day. It was very difficult and hard, but I held on. Understand that the goal is worth it: it’s the world Cup and you need to be on top. And suddenly the day before departure from Kiev I received a letter from the Consulate that our group of nineteen athletes were not given visas. They explained the failure this way: that fear that we will remain in Ireland. Although it was obvious that we were going to the championship. We were in shock — so much energy, time and money wasted!

My coach picked up on the feet of all, even wrote a letter to the President of Ukraine and by some miracle managed to achieve revision of the decision of the Consulate. The next day we went to Kiev. Walking around the city, waiting for a response. And then a familiar coach said that everything seems to be in order — visa is. Happy, we went to the Consulate, and there is nothing about us staff did not even know. Had to wait on the doorstep until seven o’clock in the evening. And just before closing, when we have lost hope, we finally opened the visa.

But this time the plane flew away without us. Fortunately, the coach found the new tickets and we flew out the next day. It cost us a lot of nerves and money. It had an exorbitant price to buy the tickets directly before departure. In addition to pay 3000 hryvnias of a penalty for the unused return ticket and fly with a connection through Turkey. But finally we landed in Dublin.

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We have been in Ireland for three days. Dublin was a very welcoming city. Impressed huge factory of beer — we were told that this is the first brewery in the world. The world Cup got me shook. In the first place — flawless organization. Everything happened precisely according to the rules, without delay, not like in other competitions.

The participants were, of course, very strong, to beat them was not easy. Especially a girl from UK, who became my opponent in the final. It is fast, with excellent response and thought-out tactics. Karate, which is not just waving hands and feet, and thinking. In addition, she was a firm blow against which no one could survive. But before the fight I watched the video of her sparring and waited for the blow. Not just waiting and anticipating the moment when it will be done, and repelled his advance. I managed to win.

The judges were competent and honest, and the audience and the coaches of the other participants warmly welcomed not only her, but everyone who did well. For example, after my victory, I was approached by the coaches of defeated parties, congratulated, shook hands. It was very nice.

— You had a premonition of his victory?

Tried to tune in, though, to be honest, when Kharkiv girls won the “kata” (this team), I just couldn’t believe that I have a gold medal. Of course, immediately contacted the coach, unfortunately, Igor was unable to go with us to Ireland. “This medal means nothing, — it cooled us. — You have tomorrow more personal battles. Not to relax! To give the full”.

Thought: Yes, this is my coach, I recognize his technique. Although happy, but not show the form. But when I won the final individual match of “Kumite” and became the champion of the world, usually so calm Igor could not restrain his emotions. I then told mom that after learning about my victory, he called and shouted into the phone: “Dance! Dance!” And it was impossible to understand, he cries or laughs. Parents, of course, also did not expect such a result. Thanks to the coach. It’s more his win than mine. When he returned to the Ukraine, went with the coaches in a cafe, ordered a pizza, sushi, cake. It was very soulful.

«Со своим парнем иногда устраиваю спарринги»: 16‑летняя украинка стала чемпионкой мира по...“Upon learning of the victory, the coach called my parents and screamed into the phone: “Dance!”, says Elizabeth

— How did it happen that you, a girl, eight years ago suddenly decided to do karate?

Oh, that’s not like these stereotypes, when karate considered unfeminine sport. In fact, in my childhood I tried to do ballroom and folk dancing, acrobatics. It was helpful, but wasn’t interested at all. And when I was eight, I saw an ad about a group of karate. How I wanted to go! Tried to persuade the parents, but the mother did not agree, saying that I don’t need it because I’m a girl. It was a shame. And dad was suddenly supported. And only later I learned that he used… was also involved in karate. Just never talked. This is such an amazing inheritance.

— How others respond to what you karate?

— Classmates — well, they are used to it. Strangers, when they happen, starting in a little scared and ask: “But aren’t you going to hit?” I do not use the power and techniques without extreme need. Always try to negotiate.

— What has been a dire need?

Once in school a boy was to lash out at me. I don’t know why, maybe it was a phase. I can easily, in one motion threw it away. To say he was amazed is to say nothing. He didn’t like…

“There is always room for improvement. Want to win… the championship of Ukraine”

— How did the guys to take you out if you just that can easily stow in one appointment?

— It is easier, laughs Lisa. — My boyfriend also karate. So he has nothing to explain or prove. Sometimes we even arrange friendlies.

— You are the champion of the world. What are your future plans? There is room for improvement?

— There is always room for improvement. The sport just will not quit. Want to win the championship. I became world champion and champion of Ukraine — yet. When you finish a career, I will coach like Igor.

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— I remember how Lisa came to the first practice, says the coach of the champion, head of the sports club Tetsu ryu Igor Shalamov. — She was quiet, modest, very plastic and flexible. All missing on the fly. We have a section then it was 80 percent boys and 20 percent girls. One of those girls that came along with Lisa, today she was left alone. Others cracked under the pressure and moral pressure from the society — in our mentality inherent, that girl can’t do karate. Lisa had to overcome this pressure, including from parents. Her mother wanted a daughter involved in dance, but that in any. Lisa tried to convince them that it is unfeminine sport that can here to swipe.

— Isn’t there?

I follow all the training process and teach children this technique, in which they completely would control the accuracy and force of impact and did not break the nose of his opponent. Most of the injuries of my students received from us, and in football training in your free time. The hurt he fell.

Our training injuries are, in principle, no. After all, there is no purpose to beat the enemy, to maim, to hurt. You need to show tactical, technical and speed superiority. If we fight hard training before the competition will not live, just the injury to heal. The competition of course, everything is much tougher. There share of injuries there, but go there the guys are prepared, which are able to reflect the impact and quickly respond to them.

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— What Lisa was given the hardest?

At first she had problems with speed, with the sense of distance. But Lisa is a very persistent and purposeful. When something didn’t work, she didn’t give up and trained even more. Came to training and went on collecting even temperature. I always praised and set an example to the boys, who Philo with a small cold. Willpower and dedication Lisa has just crazy. So at a young age she began to win municipal, then regional competitions. She was a multiple champion of the Junior competition of Ukraine, and in the beginning of this year, it took in the national team, and Lisa was able to take part in the world Cup.

“Is it possible to win just for pleasure?”

— How did you prepare their pupils for such a serious competition?

— Long and hard. Worked for five or six hours every day, went to the training camp honed technique.

— A school?

— Lisa learns to “excellent”, well versed in the exact Sciences. History, however, does not love, because there need to learn a lot of dates. Was she in school difficult period when their class was transferred to second shift and Lisa did not have time to workout. Some guys then left the sport. But Lisa managed to arrange to have it on training days released early. Because she was a good student, she went to meet him. Sometimes, it’s straight from school, not having had dinner, ran to practice.

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— Lisa has some kind of special sports diet?

— The diet should include vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat and eggs. Smaller cakes, pies and cupcakes. Before the championship it was necessary very accurately to control her weight, but these problems arose. Lisa’s slender, smart, not full-bodied. And all the time in training mode, from which it is dropped, only if he could not get out of bed. Her tenacity, a little talent, a good coaching hands — here is the recipe, which has allowed Elizabeth Tatarenko become world champion. And, of course, parental support — moral and financial. Uniforms are very expensive. Unfortunately, it is not the same as it was before, when the athlete of this level is all paid for and he could only train, perform and about what not to think. Now we dry your head, where to find the money. Ask sponsors, appeal to MPs.

— Is the national team of Ukraine on karate not helping?

Last year, the team paid our athletes tickets for the European championship. Only tickets and all. For equipment, accommodation, food, they paid out of pocket. This year, the team we did not give a penny.

To send Lisa to the world championship, addressed to charitable organizations in oblstatupravlenija. Collected bit by bit, asked who can. A shame that the athletes representing Ukraine in the international arena, are forced to beg. If still Champions and awards does not give for a win, will be generally awful. Is it possible to win without having any incentive, just for pleasure? It is not surprising that with this attitude, many talented Ukrainian athletes perform under the flags of other countries — support to pay. I think the leadership of our country should think about the future of the sport and to reconsider its attitude to Ukrainian athletes.

and then topped the list of best athletes of the planet.

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