With Queen Street to evacuate so many cars that there was a special hashtag (PHOTO)

С Queen Street эвакуируют так много машин, что появился особый хэштег (ФОТО)

It’s been less than two days since then, the city administration of Toronto officially launched the project “Queen Street Towing Pilot”, and inconsiderate drivers have already felt the effect — especially on their wallets.

Improvement program traffic lasting from six to eight weeks, submitted by mayor John Tory at the end of last week, is designed to remove Queen Street with illegally parked vehicles for the transport of the peak of the afternoon.

Dozens of tow trucks began to patrol one of the main arteries of the city on Monday, with almost a 100% guarantee ensuring that owners of cars stopping on a busy street with 15:00 to 19:00 on weekdays, will receive a fine of $ 150.

The cars of violators will be evacuated to the nearby streets, not on remote police car pound: decision to allow the police and drivers of tow trucks to remove the cars faster and in greater numbers.

But even with this in mind, incorrectly parked cars, so many that the police watching the Parking lot, barely have time to call a tow truck.

The Toronto police use the hashtag #QueenTowPilot to disseminate information about the initiative by posting on Twitter pictures and videos of evacuated cars from Queen Street.

This is a welcome sight for those who regularly travel by Bicycle, car or subway on Queen (or rather trying to, but constantly have to stand in traffic jams because parked along the verge car).

“Traffic jams caused by the illegally stopped vehicles can be dangerous and unpleasant for all,” reads the web page of the city administration of Toronto, dedicated to the pilot project.

“The movement/evacuation of illegally parked vehicles facilitates traffic, including traffic and public transport, special vehicles and helps make the roads safe for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians”.

Police said that although the owners of displaced/evacuated vehicles on Queen Street will be issued a notice of violation of Parking rules, fees evacuation/relocation in the period of the pilot project will not be charged.

City officials will analyze the data collected during the pilot project before taking a decision about introducing it on a permanent basis on Queen Street and other major transportation routes.