With the pandemic and Ukraine, the UN has “shown its limits”, according to the pope

With the pandemic and Ukraine, the UN has "shown its limits", according to the pope


Pope Francis calls for reform of the United Nations which has “shown its limits” with the Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, according to a new book by the Argentine pontiff whose daily “La Stampa” published an excerpt on Sunday.  

“When we talk about global peace and security, the first organization we think of is the United Nations (the UN) and, in particular, its Security Council. The war in Ukraine has once again highlighted the need for the current multilateral structure to find more agile and effective paths towards the resolution of conflicts,” said the pope. 

“In times of war, it is essential to affirm that we need more multilateralism and better multilateralism,” he added, but the UN as it has functioned since its creation does not “ responds more to new realities”. 

“The United Nations was built to give form to the rejection of the horrors that humanity experienced during the two wars of the 20th century. Although the threat they represented is still strong, the world today is no longer the same” and international institutions must be “the fruit of the greatest possible consensus”, according to him. 

“The need for these reforms became more than obvious after the pandemic, during which the current multilateral system showed all its limits. From the distribution of vaccines, we have had a glaring example of what sometimes the law of the strongest weighs more than solidarity”, regretted François. 

He advocates “organic reforms, intended to help international organizations rediscover their primary vocation of serving the human family”. 

He is also the defender of “integral security” which consists in guaranteeing all rights (food, health, economic and social) and under which international institutions should make their decisions. 

The book “I ask you in the name of God. Ten prayers for a future of hope” comes out on Tuesday in Italy.