With the support of trump and Elon musk: who is organizing protests against quarantine in the United States

Protests against quarantine measures imposed by the authorities, held last weekend in 40 States of the USA. Why-because the Americans decided to go out? Says the BBC.

При поддержке Трампа и Илона Маска: кто организует протесты против карантина в США

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About the positive result of his test for the coronavirus, a resident of North Carolina Audrey Whitlock said in a closed group “Reopen NC” on Facebook.

“I will fight until until we again become free people,” she said, adding that while her family is in quarantine.

The main purpose of the group, which now consists of more than 70 000 people, is the abolition of all quarantine restrictions imposed by the Governor of North Carolina, and the housewife Whitlock is considered one of the founders of the informal community. In April, the “Reopen NC” organized two demonstrations in the state capital, Raleigh, to protest against the Governor imposed by quarantine measures. The last of the stock has gathered more than 1,000 people, but according to Audrey Whitlock, in the near future the number of protesters should “increase tenfold”, and the pickets at the residence of the Governor of the state will become permanent.

Under the Confederate flag

Last weekend thousands of Americans once again came out to protest against imposed by the authorities of quarantine measures. The first demonstrations in mid-April, bringing in different States from several hundred to two to three thousand participants.

This time the dissatisfied took to the streets in Washington, Kentucky, Virginia, Colorado, Minnesota, Oregon, Idaho, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Illinois.

In California, the demonstrators waved flags with the words “trump 2020” and carried banners “No freedom no life. Open California!”

In Wisconsin and Michigan, the protesters under the flag of the Confederacy and already half-forgotten conservative “Tea party” stormed the building of the legislative assemblies of the States.

In Texas, demonstrators with assault rifles and AR-15 behind his back and pistols in his belt, stood at the Governor’s residence under the slogan “my body, my risk, my choice” and “You can’t take away our freedom.”

In Washington, protesters went to the rally with placards “Give me liberty or give me Covid-19”.

A distinctive feature of all, without exception, shares have many red baseball caps the participants with the campaign slogan trump “let’s Make America great again”, and that the vast majority of the demonstrators — white Americans. Representatives of the African-American or Hispanic communities in the United States on the stock could be counted on the fingers.

The organizers of the protests in different States claimed that the demonstrators no one is, and we are talking about “spontaneous outrage” too stringent measures of the authorities.

In an interview to a local TV station Q13 Fox, for example, one of the leaders of the protests in Washington state Tyler Miller, explained: the demonstrators believe the government’s decision on closing of all companies and businesses are unconstitutional, I demand to immediately repeal the ban and allow ordinary Americans to go back to work.

“We don’t need the government and the Governor who don’t listen to their own citizens,” he added.

Support Trump

That is too hard restrictive measures can be costly to America, the US President said at the end of March, comes just one week after most States announced the closure of enterprises and the introduction of quarantine.

“You will lose even more people, pushing the country into a massive recession or depression, he said at a press conference at the White house on March 24. — You can’t just stand up and say: let’s close the United States of America, the largest and most successful nation in the world.”

Trump then publicly supported by many influential Republicans. The President himself suggested was to start lifting the quarantine restrictions already on 12 April, but later abandoned this step.

However, during the daily briefing at the White house the President is constantly reminded that he considers necessary as soon as possible to cancel a ban to avoid the inevitable economic collapse. After mid-April in several US States passed the first antiserotonin demonstration, Donald trump has posted on Twitter a series of short messages with a call to “liberate” several States.

“Release Michigan!” — trump wrote on April 17.

При поддержке Трампа и Илона Маска: кто организует протесты против карантина в США

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He later explained that meant the liberation of States from the virus, but organizers of the protests took the tweets of the President as evidence of support.

In recent years, the head of the White house constantly reminded that one of the main achievements of his administration is the growth of the U.S. economy and record low unemployment. According to sociologists, it is from these factors depend largely on Donald trump’s chances for re-election for a second term.

By the end of April, according to official data, lost his job and has already applied for benefits 26 million Americans. A check in the amount of $1,200 per person while got 80 million of the 171 million people in the country, which, according to the law CARES, relied on financial help from the state.

However, in addition to unemployed Americans, in a long list of the many organizers of rallies and demonstrations were supporters of far-right organizations, functionaries of the Republican party, recognized by conspiracy theorists and even known in the US political activists have long been trying to monetize any protests.

Elon Musk spoke out against quarantine

Tuesday, April 28, American billionaire and founder of Tesla Elon Musk posted a series of tweets protesting against the restrictive measures imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus COVID-19, writes “Voice of America”.

“Free America now,” reads one of the tweets 48-year-old billionaire.

При поддержке Трампа и Илона Маска: кто организует протесты против карантина в США

Photo: twitter.com/elonmusk

“Give people freedom!” called Musk on the evening of 28 April, sharing the article Wall Street Journal in which he expressed doubts about the effectiveness of the restrictions.

He called “virtual house arrest” restrictions, and wrote the message with words of encouragement about the fact that the restaurants and stores in Texas will be able to recover their work.

“Bravo, TX” wrote Musk.

Earlier, the billionaire called panic due to coronavirus “stupid”. However, Musk recently said that the participation of his company in the production of ventilators.

“Operation Logjam”

One of the first protests against quarantine measures in the United States held in the capital of Michigan, Lansing, April 15 of this year. The plan of action was developed in a closed group on Facebook called “Operation “Deadlock” (‘Operation Gridlock’) — according to the organizers, the participants had in their cars to block traffic near the building of the state government.

In a special statement, the state Governor, Democrat Gretchen Whitmer said that he understands and welcomes protesters, but considers unacceptable such methods of political struggle.

“Operation “Deadlock” was largely funded by the DeVos family, and I believe not valid for existing member of the Cabinet of the President of the United States to participate in the organization of political attacks on any Governor,” said Whitmer, referring to the U.S. Secretary of education Betsy DeVos.

Family DeVos really is among the largest donors to the Republican party and conservative public finances of the organization. At least two of them — Michigan and Michigan Freedom Fund Conservative Coalition — have organized protests in the state.

Group Michigan Freedom Fund at the time established the political Advisor to the DeVos family, Greg McNeill. In an interview with Buzzfeed, he confirmed that in recent years indeed, the Fund received from the family of more than 500 thousand dollars, but said that none of the relatives of the Minister of education had no relationship to the organization anticheating rallies.

При поддержке Трампа и Илона Маска: кто организует протесты против карантина в США

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Network protests

A representative of the Michigan Conservative Union Matt Seeley also denied the information that the demonstrations in Michigan funded by the family of the head of the Federal Ministry, but stated that in the near future “mass protests” will be held in other States.

Indeed, three days later, April 18, in the capital of Maryland Annapolis rally group ReOpen Maryland. The leader of the protesters Alvie Harris confirmed that before the meeting consulted with the organizers of the protests in Michigan.

As it turned out, the text that represents the goals and objectives of the protest at a closed group page on “Facebook”, was copied from the page, which the administrator in Michigan is Greg McNeill.

At the same time the same page was created on Facebook by the organizers of the protests in Virginia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. The text on these pages also to coincide with Michigan.

Now in social networks there are several dozens of private groups where participants discuss the details of the organization anticheating rallies and demonstrations in different U.S. States. A copy of not only the texts of activists from Michigan, but the name of the shares: for example, in a network already exists “Operation “Mash Tennessee” and “Operation “Congestion in Los Angeles”.

The organizers, however, argue that this is just a coincidence.

March right

For the last time among the protesters was noted by almost all of the most notable far-right organizations in the United States.

In stock in Michigan, for example, was attended by members of the neo-fascist organization Proud Boys, who believes that whites are subjected to genocide, and defending the “true Western values”.

Known in the US right-wing TV and radio host of the program Infowars fan of conspiracy theories Alex Jones on Sunday took part in protests in the capital of Texas, Austin.

In demonstrations in different cities of the USA was spotted by supporters of the movement Please, consider that the result of a conspiracy of former and current officials representing the “Deep state”, the United States could be destroyed. They were joined by opponents of vaccination and the representatives of the various armed associations “Patriotic militia” — conservative Americans, are confident that you have entered the pandemic bans violate the constitutionally guaranteed rights of citizens.

Fraternal protest

One of the most active participants anticheating protests in the US became supporters of organizations opposed to stricter gun control. Introduced because of the pandemic bans they regard as an attempt by politicians to deny citizens the right to the most basic freedoms.

“Politicians use of force, controlling our lives, destroying our business by passing laws under the cover of darkness and forcing us to give them our freedoms and our lives!” — reads the text on the relevant pages in “Facebook” the organizers of the protests in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, new York, Arizona and several other States.

All of these pages, however, created by members of the same family Dorr, residing in Iowa. Three brothers — Ben, Chris and Aaron of John — part of the Board of Directors of the American coalition of firearms (AFC) has established partnerships with at least 12 community organizations in the United States, defending the right of citizens on weapons.

In recent years, the brothers actively participating in various initiatives of the Republican party, a little lost its former reputation.

Legislators-Republicans in several States have accused the family members that they organize a public event solely to raise funds for their own projects. The brothers all reject these accusations.

The Discovery Of America

Over the weekend several US States announced a partial lifting of quarantine restrictions. In Georgia, Oklahoma, Alaska and South Carolina the work was able to resume restaurants, hairdressers and cinemas. In Montana on Sunday opened the Church, and expressed readiness to resume classes in schools on may 7.

In the States of Tennessee and Mississippi the work of the restaurants and sports clubs plan to resume next Monday.

Michigan, which had some of the first protests, the list did not get. The Governor Gretchen Whitmore, against overly stringent prohibitions which were made by the protesters, called the move too hasty.

“We should listen to scientists and make the right decisions,” she said.



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