With two guns and a screwdriver: home of the famous football player robbed by armed bandits (photo)

С двумя пистолетами и отверткой: дом знаменитого футболиста ограбили вооруженные бандиты (фото)

The former midfielder of Juventus and the Italian national team 33-year-old Claudio Marchisio, who announced less than a month ago about retirement because of injuries, suffered an armed robbery.

In the evening at the home of football in Penguins near Turin broke into five criminals. The criminals threatened Marchisio and his wife Roberta two guns and a screwdriver, which ex-footballer was forced to give them money and jewelry.

“They pointed their guns at us. It was hard, because I’ve never seen a real gun. Fortunately, we managed to keep calm. In our house in Vinova rushed five people who asked where the safe was. I told them that we don’t have it, but they didn’t believe me. We really don’t.

Uninvited guests picked up everything they could find, and then left. I was afraid for himself and for his wife to Robert. Thank God the kids weren’t there. They were on the football, and their grandfather was still not brought them home.

In General, the trainer of children was the first who suspected something, because we didn’t respond to phone calls. When the robbers realized that someone was concerned, they were in a hurry. We are very lucky.

I know this happens constantly, all over the world. This time it happened to us. Fortunately, we’re safe and sound, and can tell the story. Most importantly, because I could care less about the stolen goods. Fear remains, but we were able to remain calm, even under the threat of arms”, — said Claudio Marchisio details of the robbery in an interview with Corriere della Sera.

С двумя пистолетами и отверткой: дом знаменитого футболиста ограбили вооруженные бандиты (фото)

Claudio Marchisio and his wife Roberta

Note that Marchisio is a graduate of the Juventus, in total he spent in the club for 25 years. Midfielder seven times became the champion of Italy, three times won the national Cup four times won the super bowl. In 389 appearances for the club in all competitions, he scored 37 goals.

In addition, the footballer played for “Empoli” and Russian “Zenith”. T-shirt Italy Marchisio has spent 55 matches and scored five goals, produced with the Squadra Azzurra “silver” the European championship and the bronze medal of the confederations Cup.


Photo of FC “Juventus”, Instagram

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