Without the right to the left: a ranking of the most faithful men in the Zodiac signs


Без права налево: рейтинг самых верных мужей по знакам Зодиака

SCORPIO. 3 out OF 10

Not Twins, but the dual nature. The Scorpion has a soul and a body — like at all, however. But it was men of this sign the conflict between these two values reaches a peak. Soul he has become attached to you, and the body asks new. Scorpio is considered the sign wrong, but as always, there are exceptions. And men-exceptions — just gold.


Everything is clear already from the title. Sagittarius is a shooter, he needs a goal. And every time a new. “What is our life? The game” — the motto of the Musketeers, which applies to all spheres of life. Faster, bigger, brighter, more interesting representatives of this sign in a hurry to try it not because of immorality, but because they can not otherwise. And besides, Archers are looking for the one, but can’t find it. If they do find that telling myself “stop” and go the distance.

CANCER. 5 out OF 10

At first the magical, the Cancer will gradually show their egoistic nature. It is important only to his comfort and pleasure. Try to catch him on something and he’ll give you a scandal, sincerely laudomia why you’re complaining, he’s good. However, among Cancers, is full of happy exceptions, and especially the loyal are men over 35.

GEMINI. 6 out OF 10

Actively taking on relationships, invests itself without the rest, then goes in himself, and if he realizes he’s too comfortable, that can make the legs. Stability for a number of Twins — that is boring. They need a new goal, and it’s not even about the sex and not the women in principle — Gemini by nature, constantly looking for change. Can accept it and work with this trait, get a good husband.

AQUARIUS. 6 out OF 10

Want a relationship with Aquarius? Take the initiative. Want to he was faithful? First, keep your distance and then try to be interesting. It will not control your life, but will not monitor his movements. And when you find that others receive from it more than you look — whether among those of the people around beautiful women? How to be? Do not tie him, and he will bind himself.

ARIES. 7 out OF 10

Insidious tempter, Aries truly fantastic surround you with love, sincerely give yourself entirely and not less than honestly run on. Well, or try to escape. If you can stop him, beat his hands together in front of you an almost perfect husband. Almost — because when some of his former nature may make themselves known again. Here you have to decide what to do with it.

LIBRA. 8 out OF 10

Libra prefer to play in life. Surprises, fun, unexpected trips and meetings, job change and appearance — it’s about Balance. What they don’t like surprises, so it is in relationships. If you admire him, he’s yours forever. Only admiration must be genuine, otherwise down the drain — false Scales feel like no other. For all its lightness, the representatives of this sign appreciate stability. And betrayal… a betrayal to them — is out of the comfort zone. So you need to provide them with the area and everything will be type-top.

VIRGIN. 8 out OF 10

Is also very practical sign. For poetry under the moon and observations of the dawn — it’s you to someone else, please. Man-Virgo will analyze everything that is connected, draw conclusions, slowly, and decide. No, it is not necessary to yawn from boredom, this man loves you for real, but intelligence uses even in matters of the heart. Accordingly, the change you will not, simply because if he’s already made the choice, why would he want to change? Although… the percentage assumptions we still lay. Because even virgins are not machines, and men.

LION. 8 out OF 10

Lions love the world of things and the specifics. They are reliable and are not very tolerant, when a woman, that near turns above them. In all senses, from the literal to the social status and income. If that’s all right, then you can be sure that Lions will not fail. And will be loyal to you. Until you start to earn more of them. Joke.

FISH. 8 out OF 10

Sentient and sensual men. They long to gain momentum against their favorite women, but then is invested without the rest. And singing under the window (if it is someone interesting at all), and the flowers in large buckets at the door. It’s gonna be. In this life together interesting change of Fish — they are not something to forget about the romance, but I do prefer her sex. But sex with you. Fish need one woman, but one that will take its softness.

CAPRICORN. 9 out OF 10

Conservative here who’s a male Capricorn. A lot of work for the good of the family, knows how to count money and put it to good use. Can you be the same, at least in part? Then you will find a quiet, cosy, family-run happiness shocks and adultery. Why Capricorn Hiking left if he still has? Right, no reason. This is the extra costs to do the same.

TAURUS. 9 out OF 10

Discreet in appearance, the Taurus is a very emotional actually. And very, very persistent. He will make every effort to ensure that you to win, and when you get yours, doesn’t let go. Taurus is willing to do anything for his beloved and sees marriage not a necessity, not coincidence, not worldly advantage and not “because I have to”, no, the institution of marriage in the eyes of the Bullock is sacred. Taurus people marry consciously and of their solutions does not change. Needless to say that in the sense of loyalty representatives of this sign (as usual, not all the exception, they happen) will give everyone a head start.