Wojciech Glanc shared his observations on Vladimir Putin. Is the president of Russia “substituted”

For some time now, the media has been circulating information about the assumptions about Vladimir Putin's doppelgangers from time to time.

 Wojciech Glanc shared his observations on Vladimir Putin. Is the Russian president

It is no secret that Vladimir Putin's long-term presidency has resulted in a multitude of articles about him, as well as recordings with his participation and photos of his image.

< h2>Wojciech Glanc suspects that Vladimir Putin was substituted by a doppelganger

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For a long time, many have had increasing doubts as to whether Vladimir Putin is visible on the glass screen or whether a lynx with his look-alike is visible. Numerous experts have made and are still making analyzes and comparisons of archival photos and recordings showing the president of Russia in his youth, with up-to-date materials.

As it turns out, more and more people around the world see enough considerable differences in the appearance of the dictator over the years. It is not only about gaining weight or a rounder face, but about the basics related to the structure and shape of the facial bones that determine its features.

Clairvoyant and hypnotist Wojciech Glanc sharing his vision with his listeners on YouTube, he stated that he has a strong feeling that the character we have been watching for some time is not Vladimir Putin, but a hired actor very similar to the president of Russia – I cannot define it, but as I just see it. Even when a person loses weight, things such as the shape of the face remain the same. Putin shows differences – just like his twin – some nuances like cheekbones, you can just see that they are a bit different and something doesn't suit me – he admitted sadly.