‘Wolf’ Moon: where and when to watch the first Eclipse in 2020

On Friday, January 10, all the lovers sky waiting for an unforgettable spectacle — a lunar Eclipse, which is also called the “wolf” Moon. This writes Fox News.

'Волчья' Луна: где и когда смотреть первое затмение в 2020 году

Photo: Depositphotos

NASA say that the Eclipse is the first in 2020, will be clearly visible at 19:21 (GMT).

According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the January Eclipse the native Americans called the “wolf” moon, because it comes at a time of year when the wolves are howling from hunger.

EarthSky notes that the lunar Eclipse is also polucheniem Eclipse, meaning the Moon will be partially in the shadow of the Earth. But the Eclipse will not be visible in much of North America.

“When the Moon will pass in front of the Sun, she’ll spend about four hours in the partial shadow of the Earth, — wrote the head of the program, NASA Gordon Johnston. — It will be at a time when the Moon is over the horizon for most countries in North America.”

'Волчья' Луна: где и когда смотреть первое затмение в 2020 году

Screenshot: Twitter/NASA

Space.com reports that a handful of areas in North America such as Newfoundland, Canada and Greenland, will be able to see the end of the Eclipse.

In January 2019, the inhabitants of the Earth have seen the rare “sverhnovoy the moon”, when the natural satellite of the Earth has acquired a stunning shade of red. A celestial event, which was also the only full lunar Eclipse of the year, caused a lot of noise.

In most parts of the globe, the photographers pointed their camera in the sky to capture this rare event. For example, in new York, a group of photographers withstand low temperatures to capture the Eclipse over the famous skyline of the city.

Program NASA “Artemis” is aimed at landing of American astronauts on the moon by 2024, and sustainable human presence on the natural satellite of the Earth. Artemis will also go down in history, the team will be the first woman on the moon.

After July 20, 1969 astronauts of Apollo 11 Neil Armstrong and buzz Aldrin stepped on the moon, on the moon came out only 10 people, all Americans. The last NASA astronaut to set foot on the moon, was the commander of the mission “Apollo 17” gene Cernan on 14 December 1972.