Women need to get out of the chair every 30 minutes

The postmenopausal women who are at risk of diabetes, it is necessary to increase the degree of physical activity to protect against chronic disease. British scientists advise such women not to sit on a chair longer than thirty minutes.

Женщинам нужно вставать со стула каждые 30 минут

“Women after menopause who are prone to development of diabetes of the second type, it is impossible to sit without movement. The maximum they can afford — a half-hour. Then you need to stand up and to pass at least a small distance. Lack of physical activity in General is very relevant to modern people problem and if we are talking about women in menopause and even prone to diabetes, this problem becomes particularly alarming”, say the authors of the study, the staff of the University of Leicester (UK).

Scientists have confirmed the assumptions of experience, which involved postmenopausal women, divided into three groups. Representatives of one group sat for seven and a half hours, the representatives of the other would get up for five minutes after every thirty minutes of sitting, and the representatives of the third — stood up and walked.

The measurement of glucose level showed that in women who get up every half hour to go, were the best indicators of blood glucose. In General, to protect yourself from diabetes is possible, if you follow the fairly simple guidelines.